Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 719

Chapter 719: Overheard Conversation (24)

That Friday, as the clock struck 3 pm, Song Qingchun finished all her work and left the company. When Song Qingchun found the eleven buttons at Su Zhinian's closet, she had already decided to have a conversation with him, but she had not decided how.

However, with the precedent at ST Empire, Song Qingchun had to make even more preparation. She had brought so much evidence to his company to hash it out with him, but the man had still managed to fool her with all sorts of excuses. Therefore, Song Qingchun told herself that she had to be more than prepared this time.

Song Qingchun did not drive but went there by subway. She arrived at Su Zhinian's bungalow at 3:50 pm. Even though Song Qingchun knew that entering Su Zhinian's place without informing him counted as trespassing, she was desperate for an answer.

The password to his place had not changed throughout the years, and she gained entry easily. She made a beeline toward his upstairs bedroom.

Actually, Song Qingchun merely had a hunch, but she was surprised to really have found an old model phone in the cupboard in his bedroom. Song Qingchun switched on the phone and waited for a minute for it to boot up. She clicked into the messages panel and saw her own phone number instantly.

Song Qingchun did not hesitate and clicked the messages open. The latest message fell into her gaze. "The most beautiful thing was not loving you but meeting you."

Song Qingchun's finger trembled before she scrolled upwards. The messages that he had sent her and those she had sent him those messages that were in her phone were in this phone as well.

This meant that her instinct was right all along. Su Zhinian was the man she had been looking for, the person who had been supporting her in secret, the person who had been messaging her throughout the years, the person who always looked out for her at her lowest moments, the person who once confessed his love to her through phone messages.

Even though she had already mentally prepared herself before she came over, when the truth was exposed before her, her emotions still started to rage uncontrollably.

With this phone as evidence, Su Zhinian cannot wiggle his way out of this one, right? The only thing I need to do now is figure how to start this conversation when he returns later.

Song Qingchun gave herself a pep-talk as she closed her eyes to take a deep breath. After some time, she was feeling much calmer.

As she stood up to clean up the mess she had made in his room, she heard a familiar car engine outside. She froze where she was before running to the balcony to see Su Zhinian's car slowly entering the bungalow's driveway.

The car slowed to a stop, and Su Zhinian stepped down from it. He walked to the front door to key in the password.

It's only 4:30 pm; why is Su Zhinian home so early? Did he not go to work today?

Song Qingchun was confused. She held the phone she found in the cupboard, turned around, and dashed toward the bedroom door.