Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 720

Chapter 720: Overheard Conversation (25)

When Song Qingchun snuck into Su Zhinian's bedroom, she forgot to close the door. In her hurry to exit, she did not close it behind her either. Just as she reached the stairs, she heard the door being opened.

Song Qingchun held the bannister, took two steps down, and was about to call out his name when she heard Auntie Su's voice drifted up from downstairs. "Ah Nian, what do you want to have for dinner tonight?"

Why has Auntie Su returned with Su Zhinian? Song Qingchun stopped moving. If Auntie Su, who has warned me away from her son, sees me here, she will be sad and disappointed, right?

Just as Song Qingchun was deciding whether to retreat upstairs to find a place to hide or not, she heard Su Zhinian say, "That won't be necessary. I have a dinner meeting to attend tonight."

Then there was the sound of the shoe rack being opened and the loud slap as a pair of slippers was placed on the floor. Song Qingchun leaned down the stairs just enough to see what was happening near the front door. Su Zhinian was helping his mother get a pair of slippers. He placed the shoes before her. Without waiting for her to put them on, he dragged a suitcase and walked into the living room.

What is Su Zhinian doing dragging a suitcase around? Before the thought settled in Song Qingchun's mind, she heard Su Zhinian speak again. "Why did you suddenly think of visiting today?"

"Xiao Lin came to buy something in town. I was worried about you since you just got out of the hospital, so I came over to see how you're holding up" Auntie Su's slippers created sounds as she padded across the floor. "Xiao Lin will come to pick me up later."

So, Auntie Su is leaving soon? Song Qingchun sighed under her breath as she pulled her head back. Just as she was about to slink back into Su Zhinian's bedroom to wait for Auntie Su to leave, she heard the elder woman say, "Ah Nian, to be honest, I came here because I need to talk to you about something."

Even though it was with his own mother, Su Zhinian was still his reticent self. It sounded like he went into the dining room to grab two glasses of water. He placed one on the table and took a sip out of the other one. He replied with a light "ok", prompting his mother to go on.

I'm already acting like a burglar, having snuck into his house. Wouldn't it be too immoral to eavesdrop on their private conversation? Song Qingchun thought about it and continued to rush upstairs. However, the speed of sound was faster than how fast she could move.

"Ah Nian, I came to find you because I wish to talk" Auntie Su stuttered over this conversation like she had a hard time getting it out of her. "talk talk about Qingchun"

Qingchun? When Song Qingchun heard her name, she stopped moving on reflex. Auntie Su wants to talk to Su Zhinian about me?

Su Zhinian reacted more calmly than Song Qingchun. In fact, it seemed like he had been expecting this conversation.

He finished the glass of water slowly and placed the glass on the table gracefully before turning up to look at Auntie Su and nodding slightly at her.