Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 723

Chapter 723: Overheard Conversation (28)

Auntie Su was shocked beyond words. When had her own son found out about this secret that she had kept inside her heart?

She had so many questions, but she did not know how to even begin.

Su Zhinian pulled his gaze back from the window, and it quietly settled on his mother's face. He looked at his mother's quivering lips, sighed quietly, and proceeded to comfort her. "Don't worry, I will not tell anyone."

Indeed, he would not. Since finding out about this secret six years ago, he had not breathed a word of it to anyone else. It was not that he looked down on his biological father, but he chose to respect his mother.

Actually, six years ago, it was a complete accident that he had stumbled across this secret.

At the time, he got drunk after Song Qingchun stood him up for Qin Yinan. After he returned home that night, he raped her, taking her virginity.

When he woke up the next morning, he started to tear down the world to look for her. Even though he had superpowers, when a person was purposefully hiding from him, it could be really difficult to find her.

He searched for her for three days and three nights. Even though he was tired and exhausted beyond belief, he knew he could not sleep. When he passed the hospital, he was reminded of his ailing mother. He decided to take a short break while he paid her a visit.

Everything seemed to be written in the stars because when he exited the elevator, he heard the conversation between his mother and Song Menghwa.

At the time, Song Qingchun's mother had just passed away not long ago. His mother was consoling Song Menghwa. He was not really paying attention to the details of their conversation, and he merely remembered his mother asking Song Menghwa at the end of their conversation, "You're not getting any younger. Have you considered re-marrying?"

When he heard this, he really thought his mother had overstepped the boundary of decency with that question.

However, Song Menghwa did not seem to mind it. He chuckled good-naturedly before saying, "What are you talking about? I promised Jiang Rou to only have her as my lawfully-wedded wife in this life."

When he reached his mother's sickroom, he could see the expression that froze on his mother's face when Song Menghwa said that sentence. However, his mother hid it well, quickly she smiled, and said, "You're still the same after so many years."

When he knocked on the door and walked in, they changed their topic of conversation. After some time, his mother said that she was getting tired and asked Song Menghwa to return to his work.

It was he who sent Song Menghwa away. When he returned to the room, his mother was already asleep. When he helped his mother with the cover, Su Zhinian realized she was actually still awake, reminiscing about the events from her youth.

He knew his mother was a university friend of Song Menghwa, but he had no clue his mother actually liked Song Menghwa. However, Song Menghwa had his eyes on her roommate, Jiang Rou, Song Qingchun's biological mother.

Even though Song Menghwa knew his mother first, and it was through his mother that he was introduced to Jiang Rou, and his mother did not think to intervene. His mother had always had a more easy-going personality. Since Song Menghwa preferred Jiang Rou, she did not say anything but chose to hide her love inside her heart.

When they were fast approaching graduation, Song Menghwa and his mother attended a party organized by their mutual friends. They both had quite a bit to drink at the party.