Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 725

Chapter 725: Overheard Conversation (30)

The phrase "is my father?" floated around her mind, silencing every other thought. The question was so domineering that she had lost track of the rest of the conversation between Su Zhinian and Auntie Su.

The reason she had gone there was to discover the secret in his heart. Before she came over, she had thought about plenty of possibilities. She had even considered the common trope of Su Zhinian hiding the fact that he was suffering from an incurable disease. She believed that if that was the case, she would be willing to fight it alongside him.

But now?

The real secret had not even crossed her mind. The truth was she and Su Zhinian were siblings from different mothers.

Yes, biological siblings Oh God I've had sex with my biological brother Song Qingchun felt the world go dark, and she almost collapsed to the floor.

No wonder after their drunken night together, he left her with a box of morning-after pills.

No wonder, when she took care of him at the hospital and actively leaned forward to kiss him and seduce him, he resisted her so adamantly. She remembered him repeatedly telling her to stop at the start, but the girl had refused to stop and continued to seduce him in her clumsy ways, causing him to lose control.

Now she realized, the one time that they shared when both of them were conscious was not a beautiful memory to treasure but an indelible mark of shame and sin. Song Qingchun shook her head violently, trying her best to shake these thoughts out of her mind. She tried to convince herself that this was merely a nightmare, but in the end, all she could do was stumble several steps back and slide down the wall.

I I've fallen in love with my own brother and have done the unspeakable with him.

Tears escaped from the corners of her eyes and soon covered her whole face before falling one by one to the floor.

After Su Zhinian sent Auntie Su away, he stood for a long time in the garden before turning back into the house. He glanced at the suitcase that was left in a corner of the room.

It was the same luggage he had used when he decided to leave Beijing. He had left the airport in person but had forgotten about his luggage, which had been mailed to France. In the end, it was the plane company that contacted him to claim the luggage.

He had thought about unpacking earlier, but now, he dashed that thought out of his mind because he had promised his mother that he would leave Beijing as soon as possible.

Su Zhinian turned his head around to look at the sunset out the window. He appreciated the nature's beauty for a moment before pulling out his phone to call the airline.

"Hello Yes, please help me check the next available flight from Beijing to Paris. There's a flight next Wednesday? National Flight, first class seat available? Good For booking, the name is Su Zhinian"

Su Zhinian was about to continue when he heard a small sobbing sound by his ears. He instantly stopped talking, and his brows furrowed.

"Hello? Sir?" The customer service attendant on the phone prompted politely since Su Zhinian did not finish his sentence. It was right then that Su Zhinian heard the sobbing again.

It was soft and light, and it came from upstairs.

Su Zhinian felt his heart crashed and turned subconsciously toward the stairs.