Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 727

Chapter 727: Qingchun, I Love You (2)

Are you really my father's son?

Su Zhinian understood how much distress the answer to this question would bring Song Qingchun because he had experienced the same thing six years ago. When he found out the truth, he had laughed, and he had cried; his world had spun to such a degree that he could not recognize it anymore.

That was truly the lowest point of his life. The man with a serious obsession with cleanliness had kept himself drunk at a bar for seven days and seven nights. When he was out of money, he had been kicked out of the bar and spent the night under the sky over with a group of beggars.

At the time, he had thought about ending his life. He had stood at the edge of a tall building as the wind ravaged his body. Watching the small black dots down on the ground, he had thought about ending his misery with a simple jump.

The saddest thing for Su Zhinian in this world was that whenever Song Qingchun came to him looking for consolation in desperation and despair, he could only reject her with cruelty.

It was that way when she confessed to him; it was that way when she waited for him at his door with the box of morning-after pills in her hands; it was that day when she came to confront him at ST Empire; now with the truth out in the open, it was still that way. He could not even lie to comfort her by saying that she had misheard everything. He knew that the words he was going to say were going to hurt her, but he could only clench his fists, nod slightly at her, slowly turn his head towards her, look into her eyes, and say, "Qingchun, I'm sorry"

I'm sorry.

Just two simple words had shattered Song Qingchun's attempt at self-deception. The phone that Song Qingchun found from Su Zhinian's bedroom fell from her grasp and landed with a thud. Then, the girl slowly leaned towards the wall behind her. At that moment, she wished to both cry and laugh.

Who can come to tell me what is really happening?

Even though she had heard the confirmation from his mouth, she still refused to believe, was unable to believe, this man standing before herthis man who was blessed by the heavens, this man who gave her much pleasure and pain, this man who she had fallen in love with was her older brother from a different mother!

And she had not only had sex with her biological brother once but thrice. Once was when both of them were conscious, and it was she who had initiated it.

The floodgates opened, and tears cascaded from Song Qingchun's eyes. However, her lips curved upwards to reveal two rows of perfectly white teeth. She started to giggle.

She felt like she was going insane!

When the phone landed with a thud, Su Zhinian's eyes turned subconsciously towards it. When he saw the phone that he had kept hidden in his bedroom cupboard, his fingers trembled.

That's why she snuck into the house? To find this phone? Then she should have known everything by now? She probably came to interrogate me with this phone, but before that happened, she overheard the conversation with me and Mom.

As the thought settled in Su Zhinian's mind, Song Qingchun's awkward laugh drifted into his ears. He turned his head up to see the girl laughing while tears continued to pour down her face.

This Song Qingchun, at the brink of insanity, made Su Zhinian even more worried than when he found a desperate Song Qingchun at the top of the stairs.

He reached out unconsciously to grab her shoulders. "Qingchun"

Before he could say anything, the girl reacted like she had been shocked by electricity. She pushed up to shove him away.