Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 729

Chapter 729: Qingchun, I Love You (4)

Song Qingchun was a grown woman, so Song Menghwa was not particularly worried when she did not return home that night. It was after the second day of her disappearance and a phone-call from TW Station informing him that Song Qingchun had missed work for two days already that he started to worry.

Song Menghwa first gave Qin Yinan a call. Qin Yinan also had not heard from Song Qingchun. In fact, he had been trying to reach her as well. Everyone who knew Song Qingchun volunteered to look for the missing woman, but no one could find her.

Su Zhinian was the only exception. He managed to locate her on the second day of her disappearance. Song Qingchun did not leave Beijing but hid herself in a holiday villa in the countryside. She booked a villa for herself, and the villa was next to a lake. The view outside the window was glorious.

When she rented the place, it was the blossoming season for Red Berry trees, which surrounded the lake. Many visitors came for the natural wonder, but ever since Song Qingchun signed in to the villa, she had not left.

She locked herself up inside. All the windows in the villa were closed, and the curtains were pulled. Be it morning or night, the place was steeped in total darkness. Su Zhinian called the villa's restaurant every day during the three normal meal times to get them to send food to her place, but no matter how hard the waiter banged on the door, there was no answer from within.

The villa was mostly quiet. If not for the fact that Su Zhinian had seen Song Qingchun enter the place personally, he would have believed the place was empty. Song Qingchun locked herself in the building, unwilling to eat and drink, and Su Zhinian accompanied her in her fast.

These two people caused the villa's manager heightened worry. He was afraid that something might happen to them if they continued to fast. Just as the manager decided to have someone break down the door to Song Qingchun's villa to ask her to leave, Song Qingchun suddenly pulled the door open.

Su Zhinian, who waited outside the door, slowly turned his head around when he heard the door open.

Compared to her, he was in a messier state. His clothes were unkempt, his hair was all over the place, his eyes were bloodshot from lack of sleep, and his beard was growing wildly since he had not shaved for three days.

She was wearing a simple light blue dress, dark leggings, and long boots. Her long hair fluttered in the wind. Other than her face, which looked slightly emaciated from the lack of food, she looked perfectly fine.

Song Qingchun knew that Su Zhinian was looking at her, but she did not bother to even glance his direction. She called the waiter over calmly and ordered a bunch of dishes.

About half an hour later, the dishes Song Qingchun ordered were sent into the villa.

She asked for the waiter's help to pull open the curtains in the dining room. She sat at the head of the two-meter-long dining table that was filled with food and started wolfing it down.

The girl eventually had her fill and burped loudly, massaged her stomach with satisfaction, kicked the chair back, stood up, and went back to the bed to sleep.

When Song Qingchun woke up next, it was already late afternoon. Similar to before, she ordered a tableful of food, and even though it was unclear whether she was really hungry or not, she continued to shove the food down her throat. When she reached her limits, she returned to the bedroom to sleep.

Song Qingchun continued this glutinous lifestyle for three whole days, and on the fourth day, she walked out of the villa and took a stroll around the Red Berry trees.