Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Maniac Su And Sanitary Su 3
Chapter 73: Maniac Su and Sanitary Su (3)
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Song Qingchun returned to the bungalow, lugging the bag of clothes that pretty much cost her the skin on her back. Then, she rushed to the kitchen to whip up a glorious dinner.

In spite of everything she had prepared, Song Qingchun prayed for Su Zhinian to not come home that night; however, just five minutes after she had finished preparing dinner, she heard a car from outside the door.

After she had accidentally spilled coffee on him, he had not returned to this home until last night, and she had vomited all over him

No matter from which perspective Song Qingchun looked at this, it did not bode well for her. Her heart started to race.

Song Qingchun suppressed her natural instinct to run and hide and instead ran to the front door to pull it open. She bowed slightly at Su Zhinian, who was getting out of his car, and greeted politely, "Mr. Su, welcome home."

Su Zhinian did not reply but glanced at her lightly before stepping into the house. Outside, snow was falling. Even though it was only ten meters from Su Zhinian's car to the front door, his shoulders and head were already covered with a white layer when he walked in.

Song Qingchun was flustered by the gaze Su Zhinian had given her. She speedily closed the door and moved forward to pat the snow from his clothes when she noticed it on him. Su Zhinian maintained his icy expression in spite of her actions.

His silence increased the worry in Song Qingchun's heart because she could not tell what he was thinking.

Ever cautious of a misstep, when Song Qingchun placed the slippers before him, she saw he was wearing sports shoes, so she even squatted down to undo the shoe laces for him.

Song Qingchun followed obediently behind him as he stepped into the room. Studying his cold back, she asked carefully, "Mr. Su, dinner is ready, do you want to have it now?"

"Mm." Su Zhinian answered with his nasal voice before turning into the bathroom.

This was the second time Song Qingchun had served Su Zhinian dinner; she was even more obsequious than her first time. She even personally plucked out the fish bones for him. After Su Zhinian finished dinner, she immediately handed him a napkin.

As he wiped his mouth and put the napkin down, Su Zhinian glanced at Song Qingchun, and she momentarily lost her breath. She thought the man was finally going to address what had happened the previous night, but he merely stood up and left the dining room.

Song Qingchun sighed in great relief and crumpled on the dining table. She purposely dragged out the time she needed to have dinner and cleaning. It was 10 pm when she finished everything. Running out of things to do, she had no choice but to return to the living room.

Su Zhinian was talking on the phone, facing the window. As if sensing her presence in the room, he looked over his shoulder at Song Qingchun. At that moment, Song Qingchun felt an immense pressure pressing down on her.

Su Zhinian did not contribute much to his phone conversation, most of what he said was "Mm".

Song Qingchun hoped that the phone call would last for an eternity, but of course, he soon hung up.

Su Zhinian pocketed his phone and reclined on the sofa. As he sat down, he looked at Song Qingchun and was about to ask her to brew him a cup of coffee when the girl dashed upstairs before he could get one word out of his mouth.

Su Zhinian frowned slightly but did not comment on it. He picked up the remote to turn on the television when he heard footsteps.

Su Zhinian turned to the source to see Song Qingchun running downstairs with a huge bag in her hands.