Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 731

Chapter 731: Qingchun, I Love You (6)

If this was before, Su Zhinian definitely would have stopped Song Qingchun from drinking, but this time, he didn't.

He leaned against the door to Song Qingchun's villa quietly, watching the flurry of snow falling before him while from behind him came the glugging sound of Song Qingchun downing the alcohol like water.

Her tolerance for alcohol was still as bad as he remembered. After she was drunk, she started to call the front desk to send more wine.

Su Zhinian allowed the waiter to do this once before stopping him from then on.

Inside, Song Qingchun was already completely drunk. She mumbled many things to herself; he could even hear her cursing him. The alcohol slurred her words, so he couldn't really understand what she was saying. However, she seemed to hit the sweet spot right after because she started laughing, stood up, and began dancing all over the room.

Song Qingchun continued making a ruckus until she finally calmed down around midnight. Su Zhinian waited until her breathing stabilized before he returned to his own villa to rest.

The weather was nice the next day. The sun showered the villas with its generous ray, making the red of the Red Berry trees pop amid the white of the snow. The contrast gave the place a dreamy look.

Su Zhinian woke up punctually at 8 am. After he had his breakfast, he made his way to Song Qingchun's villa like usual. The girl still had not woken up from her drunken sleep. He leaned against the wall, staring at the group of children chasing each other in the snow while he waited for her to wake up.

There was finally motion in the villa when it was 10 am. Song Qingchun had finally woken up. She groaned in pain due to the serious hang-over. She lay in bed for about fifteen minutes before dragging her exhausted body to the bathroom.

The sound of water persisted for fifteen minutes before it stopped. Then, there were sounds of bottles being opened and closed. Su Zhinian, who spent a hundred days living her before, knew this was her going through her skin care ritual.

After the ruffling sound of Song Qingchun putting on her clothes, the villa became eerily quiet. Su Zhinian raised his wrist to look at the time. It was 11:15 am. Following her past habit, it was about time for Song Qingchun to call the restaurant for food.

However, he stayed there until 11.45 am, and there was still no sound coming from within. Just as Su Zhinian thought the girl had fallen back to sleep, he could hear the sound of her footsteps walking downstairs.

The slapping sound of slippers moved closed to the door. As per his habit, Su Zhinian straightened himself and went to the other side of the wall to hide.

The door was pulled open. Song Qingchun did not walk down the steps but turned her head to look down the direction Su Zhinian was standing. She stood for a long time at the door. In the end, she did not close it but left it open as she walked toward Su Zhinian.

Suffering from a hangover, she had a pale face. The recently dried hair was hanging freely from her face, and as the wind gathered, it flew all over the place. She stared at him quietly for a moment before lowering her eyes and asked softly, "Can we talk?'

"Okay." Su Zhinian nodded. He looked at the snowy landscape around them and the girl without her jacket, and he suggested, "It's cold outside, shall we talk inside?"

Song Qingchun nodded silently before turning to walk back into her villa. She did not close the door, and Su Zhinian understood this was because she wanted him to follow her.

When Su Zhinian entered the place, Song Qingchun was already sitting on the sofa. She was probably still suffering from a headache because she was busy massaging her temples.