Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 734

Chapter 734: Qingchun, I Love You (9)

Su Zhinian sat across from her completely immobile as he stared at her like he was stunned by her sudden suggestion. Song Qingchun blinked several times, smiled thinly at Su Zhinian, and repeated in a clearer and slower tone, "Su Zhinian, let's go on a date."

This request from Song Qingchun's lips sounded like a confession, or at least, she treated it with the sincerity of one. Su Zhinian had a hard time telling what was on her mind. He continued to stare at her before nodding, and five seconds later, he said, "Okay."

After a pause, Su Zhinian asked, "When?"

Song Qingchun's expression softened with a smile following Su Zhinian's promise. She titled her head to look at the sun shining outside the window. She answered without hesitation, "How about now?"

After some thought, Song Qingchun added, "Is that okay?"

Su Zhinian nodded and agreed almost instantly. "Of course."

Qin Yinan accidentally heard from the wife of his colleagues that Song Qingchun was at the villa situated at the northern part of town. The next day, he skipped work, woke up early in the morning, and rushed over.

Qin Yinan parked his car in the parking lot, and before he even closed the ignition, he saw Song Qingchun walking out of the main entrance with her arm intertwined in Su Zhinian's arm through the windshield. Behind them was a bellboy. There were two suitcases sitting on top of the stroller that he was pushing.

Su Zhinian was wearing a dark winter coat. The man was as elegant and graceful as usual. Song Qingchun would occasionally tip her head back to talk and chat with him. He would also occasionally nod and talk in response.

When they reached Su Zhinian's car, Song Qingchun released her arm from Su Zhinian's grasp. She stood beside the trunk and continued talking while Su Zhinian pulled open the trunk and, with the bellboy's help, put the suitcases into it.

After the bellboy left, Su Zhinian walked to the passenger side to help Song Qingchun with the door. Song Qingchun leaned down and crawled into the car. Su Zhinian leaned his upper body into the car to help Song Qingchun with the seatbelt before he closed the door, walked around the car, and got in.

Su Zhinian started the engine. When his hand on the wheel, the car slowly drove past the front of Qin Yinan's car.

No wonder we couldn't find Song Song for the past few days she was with Su Zhinian.

From the way her arm hung from Su Zhinian's arm, they must have buried the hatchet already, right?

Of course, that is to be expected. After all, Su Zhinian practically gave up his life to save Song Song. No matter the misunderstanding between them, it should have dispersed by now

Actually, after the both of them fell off the building and she mentioned to him the possibility of delaying the wedding, Qin Yinan knew in his heart that the marriage was over. Everything was moving along the script that he had predicted, but when the truth was placed before him, Qin Yinan realized that the degree of heartache did not decrease simply because he had anticipated it.

Once upon a time, he had been the main character of her life, and he had all the advantages in the world, but with just a missed opportunity, he had dropped from the main character to become the side character.