Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 736

Chapter 736: Qingchun, I Love You (11)

Su Zhinian had carried Song Qingchun for quite a long stretch of road already, but the breaths that left his lips were even. "No worry, this won't be the last time we're here. We'll reserve it for next time."

The smile on Song Qingchun, who was lying on Su Zhinian's back, suddenly froze. Next time? Yes, there are plenty of chances to come to Zhu Hai in the future, but as a date with you? This is probably the first and last time

Song Qingchun felt her throat closing up. She lowered her head to hide the tears in her eyes. She answered with a light grunt, trying to keep the situation as light as possible.

Su Zhinian, who carried her on his back, could read her thoughts clearly. His stable gait slipped inconspicuously before he carried on walking. However, the talkative Song Qingchun became incredibly silent after that. She leaned on Su Zhinian's back with her eyes closed, thinking about the matters of her heart.

Even though Su Zhinian was carrying Song Qingchun, his natural brilliance and aura did not decrease. His inhumane good looks and the pretty girl on his back attracted the attention of many people. There were even a few young ladies who picked up their phones to snap their picture, their hearts sighing with envy for Song Qingchun.

"The girl is so lucky to have someone carry her all along the Lovers' Road"

"You're right, and the man is so handsome as well!"

These comments floated into Song Qingchun's ears, and it caused her eyes to prickle with tears. Indeed, she and Su Zhinian had looked like a perfect couple for the past few days.

They had done almost everything a couple would normally do. They went for a movie together, shared a tub of ice-cream, sat side-by-side on public transportation he even bought her flowers when they passed people selling flowers on the street.

He was a qualified boyfriend no, a perfect boyfriend a flawless boyfriend.

When the bus became too crowded, he used his body to shield her; when she injured her legs on the treacherous mountain roads of the Lovers' Valley, he squatted down in front of her to help her dress the injury; on the plane, when the air-conditioning was too cold, he helped her with the blanket after she had fallen asleep

How could she not feel content and happy from such treatment?

However, the happier she felt, the deeper the pain in her heart. Just like this very moment, they looked picture perfect on the surface, but behind that picture lay a heavy sadness.

Song Qingchun eventually fell asleep while being carried by Su Zhinian. When she woke up, Su Zhinian had finished walking the stretch of Lovers' Road.

It was 9 pm. Song Qingchun's stomach was rumbling since they had walked for so long already.

Song Qingchun and Su Zhinian found a random restaurant to fill their stomachs. Later that night, they rushed to the airport and took the last flight of the day to visit the last destination of their country-wide date, Hai Nan.

Su Zhinian had a seaside villa near San Ya. After it finished building last year, it had been left empty. Song Qingchun was lucky enough to be its first visitor.