Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 737

Chapter 737: Qingchun, I Love You (12)

The dcor of the place was minimalistic but elegant. The window opened to the sea. In front of the house, there was a swimming pool, two sunshades by the poolside, and underneath them were leather recliners.

Song Qingchun was exhausted and didn't have the energy left to look around the villa. After Su Zhinian pointed out her bedroom, she bade him good night before dragging her luggage toward it.

When Song Qingchun woke up the next morning, it was already noon. The weather that day was perfect. The sea was a glittering blue while the sun shone brilliantly. Song Qingchun stretched lazily standing before the window in her room before she brushed her teeth and walked downstairs.

Su Zhinian was already awake. He was sitting on the living room sofa, talking on the phone. When he saw her, he pointed at the dining room, telling her wordlessly to go have breakfast first.

Song Qingchun did not have much of an appetite when she just woke up. After she took a few bites, she walked around the villa on her own since Su Zhinian was still on the phone. She did not want to disturb him. When she returned to the living room, Su Zhinian was still on his phone. Song Qingchun sat on the sofa and naturally lay down to lean her head on Su Zhinian's legs. Then she reached out to grab the grapes on the table to eat.

While Su Zhinian answered the phone with one hand, his other hand was placed on her head. He would play with her hair and occasionally look down at her.

Just as Su Zhinian glanced at Song Qingchun for the thirteenth time, her hand that was sending another grape into her mouth stopped. She removed the grape from her mouth and extended her arm to put it to Su Zhinian's lips.

Su Zhinian glanced at the fruit at the tip of her fingertips. He then opened his mouth, bit the grape away, and started chewing. Then, Song Qingchun repeated this motion again and again, feeding him one grape after another.

The sun was shining lazily, and the sea was calm. Other than his voice, the place was peaceful and quiet.

Song Qingchun, who was chewing on the grape, suddenly felt her relaxed feelings turn sour. Even the extra-sweet grape made her grimace from perceived sourness.

This had happened quite frequently for the past few days. Just as the atmosphere between them perfectly mirrored a happy couple, a wave of indescribable sadness and pain would sweep them over.

Although she could normally suppress it, perhaps because this was their last day today, when the sadness struck, Song Qingchun found it difficult to stay still. She shoved the grape in her hand quickly into Su Zhinian's lips before jumping up from his legs, standing up, and running to the bathroom.

Su Zhinian hung up not long after that. He sat on the sofa quietly. His hands were swimming over the spot she had just vacated as if reminiscing a wonderful memory using his sense of touch.

Song Qingchun exited the bathroom about ten minutes later. Su Zhinian turned around and could no longer see any trace of disappointment and sadness on her. As she smoothed down her hair, she pointed at the wonderful weather outside and suggested, "How about a walk?"

For dinner, Song Qingchun and Su Zhinian had an open barbeque by the beach.