Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 739

Chapter 739: Qingchun, I Love You (14)

Su Zhinian stopped for a pause, and he was reminded of the fact it had been a recent trend to go to the North Pole to take wedding pictures, so he suggested, "Or the North Pole?"

Song Qingchun turned around to look at him, and even her eyes were smiling. "We can go anywhere?"

"Of course, anywhere you want," Su Zhinian answered without hesitation. He continued to help Song Qingchun fulfil her dream, or maybe it was him living the dream through her; it was impossible to tell anymore, "And our wedding can be held at church in England. Didn't you say, you like a Korean celebrity? We can hire him to officiate the wedding"

"That sounds wonderful," Song Qingchun exclaimed excitedly, but her eyes started to tear up. "And the wedding has to have many fresh flowers but not too many red roses; I'm impartial to those. I want to wear both a white dress and the phoenix robe Hmm, do you think I'm being a bit too greedy?"

"Of course not, if you like it, we can have two weddings, one traditional and another western."

"The wedding vehicle has to be all Maserati because I like the name; I don't like Lamborghini."

"Of course, as long as you like it, the wedding can be any shape or form that you want"

"After the wedding, we will go on our honeymoon. I want to go visit the Maldives, Korea, Germany, go shopping in France, and see the lavender fields at Florence." A silent tear fell down Song Qingchun's cheek when she said that.

"And after the honeymoon, we will both go to work in the morning, but on Friday nights, we can go to the movies. If you're too tired and don't feel like going out, it's okay as well. We can stay at home and even consider changing one of the rooms into a home cinema.

"If you're free on the weekend, we can go hiking in the mountains or go enjoy the springs.

"During the holiday, we can even go on a car trip.

"Then, we should prepare for a pregnancy. We'll have a cute little baby" Song Qingchun started to choke on her words, but she forced herself to smile. "Su Zhinian, would you prefer boy or girl?"

"As long as it's our baby, whether it's a boy or a girl, I will love him or her regardless" Su Zhinian tried to keep the pain from entering his voice. "If it's a girl, I will protect both you and her. If it's a boy, we will protect you together"

"But I feel it's better if we have one boy and one girl. The boy can be the bigger brother to protect his little sister" Perhaps this was something that could not be achieved, but Song Qingchun did not mind speaking her mind. She had started crying in earnest, but she still forced herself to finish her sentence. "By the way, I just got an inspiration for a pet name. It can be what we call our first childLittle Sesame. What do you think?"

Su Zhinian's lips quivered when he answered. "It's perfect. Little Sesame, what a cute name"

Song Qingchun wanted to say something else.

We still have time to come up with the name for the second child.

However, the sounds that escaped her lips were tears and wailing.

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