Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Maniac Su And Sanitary Su 4
Chapter 74: Maniac Su and Sanitary Su (4)
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Song Qingchun stopped half a meter away from Su Zhinian. Raising the bag with both hands, she presented it to Su Zhinian, "Mr. Su, this is for you."

There was not much of a difference in Su Zhinian's expression, but his lashes shook slightly when she said those words. He crossed his legs calmly, but his hand that was gripping the remote tightened.

After a ten second pause, he raised his eyes to look at Song Qingchun. Suppressing the raging emotions within him, he asked in a monotonous voice, "What is this?"

"Clothes" After Song Qingchun gave the answer, even she felt the answer was too vague, so she added, "I had too much to drink yesterday and vomited on you. I bought these to replace the outfit I ruined"

Then, Song Qingchun straightened her arms, pushing the bag toward Su Zhinian.

The clothes she bought for me Su Zhinian's gaze fell on the bag in Song Qingchun's hands. Without reading her mind, he knew the only reason she had bought these for him was because she was afraid he might pull out of helping Song Empire.

It was not her sincere intention to buy him a gift; it was more of an apology gift, but even so Su Zhinian still felt a part of his heart shiver violently. This was the first gift he had ever received from her

Su Zhinian did not respond for a long time; this only made Song Qingchun more anxious, and her hands that held onto the bag became clammy.

She bit her lower lips and apologized honestly, "Mr. Su, I am so sorry, everything that happened yesterday is my fault. I promise it will never happen again!"

Su Zhinian was brought back from his reverie by her vocal apology. He raised his eyes to look at her and extended his hand to accept the bag.

When the tip of his finger touched the bag, Song Qingchun felt a ray of light beginning to shine within her. If he accepts my offering, doesn't this mean that he is not angry at me anymore?

When Su Zhinian accepted the bag, his fingertip accidentally brushed Song Qingchun's hand, and her thoughts were transferred into Su Zhinian's mind. When that happened, his hands suddenly stopped moving.

Song Qingchun, who noticed the sudden pause in his movements, surreptitiously raised her eyes to glance at him. What does Sanitary Su mean by this? Don't tell me he still won't forgive me after accepting the gift?

Song Qingchun immediately promised, "I swear, in the remaining 90 days, I will not get drunk again!"

90 days So, one-tenth of his contract with her had passed without him realizing it. Su Zhinian could not help but be reminded of the words he heard her mumble to herself in her room the last time he was home. Three days have passed; 97 more days and I can leave this place

So, she had been keeping an exact count of the days she was still required to work in his home.

A sense of melancholy arose in Su Zhinian's heart.

Su Zhinian's hands lowered weakly from the bag and again brushed against the girl's skin. Maniac Su really could be changed to Silent Su. What does he mean by keeping all quiet like this? Could it be that he's figuring out a suitable punishment? Don't tell me

Before Song Qingchun finished her thought, Su Zhinian, as if being reminded of something, turned to Song Qingchun and said lightly, "If you want me to put this behind us, then you will scrub every inch of this bungalow clean from top to bottom!"