Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 741

Chapter 741: Qingchun, I Love You (16)

The scenery was picture perfect. Before Song Qingchun could recover from this dreamlike scenery, there were more sizzling sounds in her ears. Then, around her, she could see brilliant fireworks. The sizzling sounds continued, and the lights surged into the sky like dragons before exploding into colorful, blinding flowers.

The fireworks lit up the darkness. The sea lapped the shore, and the breeze continued to blow.

Song Qingchun stood where she was. She turned and twirled to watch the fireworks exploding in all directions above her. She felt like she was in a fairy-tale world surrounded by glittering trees and glowing flowers.

Suddenly there was a giant explosion that shocked Song Qingchun. Through the light of the fireworks, Song Qingchun could see small shadows fluttering down from the sky. When they reached her eyes, she reached out to grab them. She then realized that they were flower petals. Pastel, warm white, yellow and green

"Qingchun" Song Qingchun, who was caught in this magical moment, heard a familiar voice call her name, carried along by the sea breeze. She turned toward the voice, and another burst of fireworks flew into the sky. With the fireworks exploding behind him, Su Zhinian walked gracefully toward her. The fireworks gilded his figure, making it seem like the man was glowing with a halo.

He stared at her as he continued to walk step by step toward her. As he moved closer, Song Qingchun's heart started to become inexplicably nervous, and her hands unconsciously gripped the white flower petal that she had caught earlier.

Su Zhinian stopped about half a meter before Song Qingchun. He stared into her eyes before lifting his head up to look at the fireworks in the sky. Then he took a step forward and said, "Do you remember? You once told me that you wished to have a fireworks display in your name."

Song Qingchun was startled. She blinked dumbly at Su Zhinian before remembering fuzzily that she did indeed say such a thing. It was the year when he was staying with the Song family. She had wanted to go see the New Year fireworks display, but Qin Yinan had not been in Beijing. Running out of options, she had asked him to accompany her.

The fireworks that night had been gorgeous. She had even jumped excitedly at one point. Then she had grabbed Su Zhinian's sleeve and sighed. "I wish in the future, someone would have a fireworks celebration just for me"

Just as she finished that statement, there had been another wave of fireworks, and she had pulled out her phone, busy taking pictures. The young man who stood beside her had both of his hands in his pockets. He had looked unaffected and even bored on the surface, but he had watched at her intensely out of the corner of his eyes.

Even though Su Zhinian was not holding Song Qingchun, he could tell from her facial expression that she had been reminded of that memory. He lowered his eyes and took another step forward to get close to her.

The sea breeze carried his scent toward the girl. The flower petals kept on falling, covering the man and the woman with them.

He stared into her eyes and began slowly and sincerely, "Qingchun, I adore you."