Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 742

Chapter 742: Qingchun, I Love You (17)

Song Qingchun was stunned into disbelief. She stared back into Su Zhinian's eyes and could see the endless fireworks reflected in them. Su Zhinian had shed his usual aloofness. He was like a handsome and kind prince, elegance yet approachable. Beneath his inhumanely-handsome exterior laid a warm beating heart, a gentleness that Song Qingchun had not noticed in him softened the man's expression. Even his voice that repeated the proclamation was much more affable than usual. "Qingchun, I adore you"

As he said so, his long and curly lashes flickered slightly. With the sound of fireworks exploding in her ears, he continued to say, "I have adored you all through my youth."

The sound around her seemed to have been sucked away in that moment. Song Qingchun felt the world suddenly became very quiet. She already knew that he like her, but with him standing before her and hearing it from his lips, she was touched and excited. She felt her heartstrings being pulled along.

She could feel her face burning up. She bit on her lips as her dark clear eyes stared directly at Su Zhinian. She didn't say a word, but her hands silently gripped the edge of her shirt due to nervousness.

"I love you, Qingchun," Su Zhinian said in his gentle voice, but when the confession left his lips, a wave of emotions rushed at Song Qingchun. It caused her slender body to tremble, and the eyes that looked at him were colored with some shock.

Su Zhinian, who normally would not deign to smile, flashed a gentle and brilliant smile at her when he saw the shock at the bottom of her eyes. His smile was like a ray of sunlight showering Song Qingchun's heart with brightness.

His voice was laced with a warm gentleness, making the words that he said next sound that much more romantic. "Qingchun, I love you. I've loved you before you started to love me. I've loved you for seven seasons."

The sound of fireworks around them started to dwindle. The colorful lights in the sky started to dim.

Su Zhinian stood where he was graciously, staring unblinkingly at Song Qingchun. All those words that he had kept for years, all those words that he had always wanted to say but could not

"Qingchun, do you know? The greatest time of my life began when I first met you.

"And the only wish of my life is to"

Even though she had seen this promise a long time ago, she had no idea that it was meant for her. In his dreams, he had repeated this many times for her, but who would have thought that he would one day be able to stand before her and tell her openly in person?

Su Zhinian practically breathed out the phrase syllable by syllable.

"I've expended three lifetimes to find you, and now, I will use another to make you my wife."

She remembered this sentence clearly because it was because of this sentence that her impression of him started to change. However, it had never crossed her mind that it was written with her in mind.

Touched? Of course, she was. How could she not be when she was confessed to by the person she loved?

The tears of joy swirling in Song Qingchun's eyes gently fell.

Su Zhinian reached out to caress Song Qingchun's cheeks. As his finger touched her tears, she suddenly leaned forward, used her arms to circle his neck, stood on tip-toe, and kissed him on his lips.