Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 743

Chapter 743: Qingchun, I Love You (18)

Su Zhinian was caught by surprise, but the next second, he grabbed Song Qingchun's waist with one hand, held the back of her head with the other, and returned her kiss.

The man and woman were like desperate animals, giving their all in the kiss. The friction was so harsh that they started tasting blood in their mouths. However, neither of them showed any intention of parting. If anything, the hug tightened, and the kiss deepened, as if they were trying to suck the other into their bone and blood.

The kiss was determined, fiery and sad.

The kiss lasted for a long time before it stopped. Both of them were catching their breath. Neither of them said anything as they hugged each other closer.

The fireworks had ended, and the sea returned to its usual silence. Other than the lapping of sea and the breeze, there was no other sound. The moon in the sky showered the beach with its faded glow, and their shadows extended into the darkness.

Time trickled by slowly. The rowdy beach started to quiet down, and many people left. Even the road adjacent to the beach had started to empty. However, they were still hugging each other tightly. If possible, both of them wished for time to stop right then.

Song Qingchun didn't know how long she stayed in the quiet hug with Su Zhinian when suddenly a female voice screamed, "Honey, look, there's a falling star!"

Then an excited voice followed. "You're right. Wait, there's more"

"It's a meteor shower"

Perhaps the woman's voice was too loud because the visitors who had not left the beach all turned to look at the sky. Then, there was a new commotion starting.

"It's really a meteor shower"

"Quick, take a picture"

"Hello? You hear me. I saw a meteor shower at Hai Nan"

Song Qingchun, who was snuggled in Su Zhinian's arms, could not help but raised her head to look up into the sky. It was as the people exclaimedmeteors were flying across the sky above the sea.

The next second, Song Qingchun released her arms around Su Zhinian. She pressed her palms together like she was praying. She glanced at the man beside her who had remained unmoved, and she urged him, "Su Zhinian, come let's make a wish!"

Su Zhinian nodded wordlessly. Even though he thought this was incredibly juvenile, he humored her by mimicking the girl. The duo was silent for some time. When Song Qingchun finished making her wish and peeled her eyes open, Su Zhinian's eyes were already open. He had his head back and was watching the meteors slashing across the sky.

The crowd not far away from them seemed to have reached the peak of their excitement. One of them faced the sea and the sky and yelled at the top of his lungs, "Zhao Xiaorou, will you allow me to take care of you forever and be my wife?"

"I will!" A female voice followed instantly.

The other people seemed to be affected by the emotions, and they all started screaming, everyone louder than the person preceding them.

"Su Nan, I love you!"

"Honey, I promise to never make you mad again!"

For some reason, Su Zhinian, who was normally reserved, decided to follow suit as he cupped his palms around his mouth and yelled, "Song Qingchun, I love you!"