Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 746

Chapter 746: 99 Mails (1)

Even though Su Zhinian's voice was soft, Song Qingchun still heard him clearly. Her sobbing stopped for a moment before continuing.

How sad, we have just fallen in love, but we have to part.

How cruel, we are so in love, but we have to be apart.

During the date between Song Qingchun and Su Zhinian, two momentous events happened in Beijing.

The first was related to the person who attempted to murder Song Qingchun, Brother Kun. After he pushed Song Qingchun off the building, Brother Kun fled the scene as fast as he could in the prepared car. However, he met an accident during his runaway. Even though he was detained on the spot, he was already unconscious from the serious injury. On the third day, Brother Kun passed away silently in the hospital.

With his passing, Brother Kun's identity, whether there was a mastermind, and the identity of that mastermind, if there was one, all became a mystery. They could not even tell whether this meant that Song Qingchun was finally safe with Brother Kun's death.

The second incident was related to Qin Yinan and Cheng Qingchong. The night Song Qingchun and Su Zhinian stayed at Li Jiang and had done nothing, Cheng Qingchong and Qin Yinan thousands of miles away slept together.

Yes, they had done the deed.

Cheng Qingchong's first time was given to Qin Yinan.

That day, Li Jiang had the perfect spring-like weather, but Beijing had the year's most serious haze.

Ever since Qin Yinan saw Song Qingchun left the holiday villa with Su Zhinian, the usually mellow Qin Yinan was in an inexplicably rotten mood. When he was at work, he had scolded his subordinates multiple times for unreasonable causes.

There were many coincidences in the world.

The day Song Qingchun and Su Zhinian arrived at Li Jiang, Tang Nuan was actually visiting Li Jiang with CEO Huang. They were packing to leave the hotel, preparing to go to the airport and return to Beijing.

Neither Song Qingchun nor Su Zhinian saw Tang Nuan, but Tang Nuan, who was sitting in the hotel lobby with a pair of sunglasses waiting for CEO Huang to clear the bill, saw them clearly.

At the time, Tang Nuan was talking on the phone with her friends. When she saw Song Qingchun hold Su Zhinian's hand and walk into the same room, she hung up immediately and snapped a few pictures.

Tang Nuan arrived at Beijing that afternoon at around 6 pm.

The moment they landed, CEO Huang received a call saying he had a meeting to attend that night, so he left in a hurry after he dropped Tang Nuan at her home.

Tang Nuan did not stay at home for long either. She pushed the door open to drop her stuff off before turning back out to call a cab to find Qin Yinan.

When Tang Nuan reached his company, Qin Yinan just so happened to be leaving work. Qin Yinan had seen her, but he walked toward his car without even acknowledging her.

Qin Yinan's disregard for her angered Tang Nuan for some reason. In her heels, she marched toward Qin Yinan's car, pulled his car door open, shoved her phone in his face, and commented with unbridled sarcasm, "Qin Yinan, look closely, is this the fianc you found? You're getting married soon, but she's out holidaying in Li Jiang with another man and sharing the same room with him?"