Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 747

Chapter 747: 99 Mails (2)

As if afraid that Qin Yinan did not get what she was insinuating, Tang Nuan even helped him swiped through the collage of pictures she had taken that day.

So, they went to Li Jiang after Song Song left with Su Zhinian.

Qin Yinan's lips stretched silently when he looked at those pictures. Then, he turned his head away, jumped into the car, and stepped on the gas pedal, ignoring Tang Nuan. Before he turned the corner, he could see the angry Tang Nuan, whom he had left behind, stomping on the ground through the rear-view mirror.

Initially, Qin Yinan planned to go home for dinner with his parents, but the interruption from Tang Nuan had completely ruined his mood. When he was stuck in traffic, he received a call from his university friends. He turned at a junction and headed toward Eldorado instead.

The days Su Zhinian were gone from Beijing, Cheng Qingchong's workload did not decrease but increase. Today was the third day Cheng Qingchong had been to Eldorado that week.

Actually, Cheng Qingchong could not be considered a close friend of Qin Yinan. Other than that one time when Qin Yinan helped her, they had barely interacted. However, fate seemed to like them as a pair because they kept crossing each other's paths.

They once again ran into each other again that night. When Cheng Qingchun left the meeting, it was already 11 pm.

Cheng Qingchong leaned again the corridor wall and used her phone to call a taxi. After she hung up and prepared to leave to wait at the entrance, the room door right opposite from her fell open. Cheng Qingchong raised her head in reflex and saw Qin Yinan walk out of it.

Even though they were not technically friend, they could not be considered strangers either, so Cheng Qingchun's natural reaction when she saw him was to smile and greet him politely. "This is such a coincidence, Mr. Qin."

"Hello" It was obvious that Qin Yinan was drunk from the way he stared at her and the way he slurred out his short greeting before he swayed toward the bathroom using the walls as support.

He was so light on his feet that even with the wall as support, he still carelessly tripped and fell to the ground.

Cheng Qingchong who witnessed this, called out instinctively before rushing forward to help him up. "Mr. Qin, are you alright?"

Qin Yinan took some time to process her question before turning to look at her. He stared at her face for a while before calling out in soft voice, "Song Song."

His words were so jumbled that Cheng Qingchong could not tell what he was saying. After she helped him stand upright, she released the hold on his arms. The man swayed on his feet and was about to collapse forward once more. Cheng Qingchong immediately reached out to pull on his arm. Looking at the state he was in and remembering how the man had once helped her, Cheng Qingchong called the passing waiter to book a room and help her drag Qin Yinan into it.

After Cheng Qingchong deposited Qin Yinan on the bed, helped him pull off his shoes, and snuggled him in, she prepared to leave.