Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 750

Chapter 750: 99 Mails (5)

Cheng Qingchong bit on her lips and answered softly, "Yes, it's me, I'm I'm back, Mr"

Cheng Qingchong wanted to say 'Mr. Qin' out of habit, but when the first word left her lips, she was reminded of Song Qingchun's usual form of address for Qin Yinan, so she changed it.

"Brother Yinan"

Her gentle and soft 'Brother Yinan' seemed to carry with it a kind of magic that caused the fire within Qin Yinan's body to go ablaze. The emotions that he had held in for a long time exploded within his chest. It compelled the man to jump up in bed and roll around, pressing her underneath him.

Qin Yinan's sudden movement shocked Cheng Qingchong. Her instinctive reaction was to push him away to escape, but when her hands landed on his shoulders, she was reminded of Su Zhinian, and she then forced herself to put her hands back down.

She knew that what she was doing was extremely immoral, but she had spent practically her whole life until then walking the straight line, and she had never done anything out of place. In fact, when she found out that her Big Boss had someone he loved already, she could only retreat out of the picture willingly. Her opportunity to be crazy in love had been taken away from her, but she wished to be crazy for once for the man that she loved.

With this thought forming in her mind, Cheng Qingchong reached out her arms again, but this time to pull on his neck.

Her willingness caused Qin Yinan's rationality to completely shatter. He skipped the foreplay and skipped directly to the main event. Cheng Qingchong, who had not done this before, was tormented by the pain, but she did not dare to cry in pain. She merely bit on her lips and sucked in one breath of cold air after another.

After the thing ended, Qin Yinan hugged Cheng Qingchong and collapsed into his satisfied sleep.

Cheng Qingchong waited until the man had fallen deep asleep before she silently pulled his arms away and crawled out from his chest. The drunken man did not have the consciousness to measure his strength, so she felt pain all over her body after everything was said and done.

Cheng Qingchong stood on shaking legs and dragged her battered body toward the bathroom. She opened the shower and started to scrub her body.

As the water fell from the showerhead, tears fell from the girl's eyes as well. She squatted inside the shower, and with the sound of rushing water all over her, she started to weep softly.

She had to ask herself, Was it really worth it?

However, in matters of love, that was never really a question. At the end of the day, it was a question of willingness. And she was willing to sacrifice everything for her Big Boss. However, this did not mean that she would not feel regret and sorry for herself.

When Qin Yinan woke up, the sun was already in the middle of the sky.

The first thing that he felt was the throbbing headache. He massaged his temples as he sat up in bed. He reached out as per his habit for his phone when he realized he was not in his bedroom.

Qin Yinan's brows twitched and slowly but surely, many images from last night came back into his mind.

He must have had too much to drink, but it was definitely not enough to pass out. Furthermore, if he did pass out, he would not have been able to do such a thing with a woman right?

Perhaps all the alcohol did was to muddle his mind.

He believed he had mistaken the person last night for Song Qingchun