Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 754

Chapter 754: 99 Mails (9)

After receiving the message from Su Zhinian, she told Song Menghwa after she returned home that day itself. She said that she accidentally overheard this conversation between Auntie Su and Su Zhinian.

When Song Menghwa received this news, he was indeed stunned beyond words. However, he did remember accidentally sleeping with a woman in his youth. It was a drunken night before his university convocation. However, when he woke up, the woman had already disappeared. All these years, the incident had been like a thorn in his heart. Every time he thought about it, he would be anxious. He had believed that he would carry this mystery to his grave, but who would have thought when he was at the end of his life, the mystery would be solved?

Song Menghwa had trouble sleeping that whole night. After a night of contemplation, he decided to seek the truth. However, this was more than his own issue. If Su Zhinian was really his son, it would mean that Song Qingchun would suddenly have an elder brother, so during breakfast, Song Menghwa asked for her opinion.

"Qingchun, I plan to find your Auntie Su later today, what do you think?"

Song Qingchun of course understood what her father was insinuating. The girl, who was eating a bowl of porridge, stopped before she raised her head to flash a smile at her father, saying, "That's great."

However, Song Menghwa was still worried, so before she left for work, he asked her the same question. Song Qingchun affirmed her father's decision before leaving.

When Song Qingchun saw those reconciliation scenes on those television snows, the shows would play incredibly emotional music to make tears come to the viewers eyes.

She was also curious about how the scene of reconciliation between Song Menghwa and Su Zhinian would play out. However, that was only her being curious. That afternoon, when Song Menghwa went to find Su Zhinian to ask for the truth, she was a no-show.

That afternoon, when Song Qingchun returned home, before she even walked in, she could hear Song Menghwa's booming laughter coming from the study. He seemed to be in an extremely good mood. His voice was louder than usual. "The game's over. I keep losing when playing with you."

After that, Song Qingchun could pick out the sound of chess pieces being moved.

"Look at the time, we've been playing for the whole afternoon; maybe we should go for a walk. Zhinian, do you mind helping me get up?"

When Song Qingchun heard the word 'Zhinian', her footsteps halted before she bent over silently to remove her shoe laces to swap her shoes out for indoor slippers.

She just walked into the living room when the door to the study opened, and out came Su Zhinian holding Song Menghwa's arm.

Song Qingchun's body shivered, and her first instinct was to turn and run. However, before she could do that, Song Menghwa already saw her and smiled brightly at her. "Qingchun, you're home?"

"Good afternoon, Dad." Song Qingchun greeted her father, but she did not dare look at Su Zhinian, who was standing beside Song Menghwa. She was afraid that if she did so, her composure would completely crumble. She tried her best to maintain the smile on her face. Staring at Song Menghwa, she also greeted Su Zhinian. "Su Zhinian."