Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 756

Chapter 756: 99 Mails (11)

Certain things the public might not know, but the Qin family, who were close to the Song family, were clued in. Qin Yinan thought after Song Qingchun came back from Li Jiang, she would definitely contact him to talk about ending the marriage. In fact, before she even came to her, he already planned to explain to his own parents and Uncle Song that he had accidentally slept with another woman in his drunken state. Thus, he would shoulder all the responsibility and return Song Qingchun's freedom.

However, to his stupefaction, two pieces of news came to him after Song Qingchun returned. One was that he needed to find a suitable date to marry Song Qingchun, and the other was that Su Zhinian was Song Menghwa's estranged son.

If Su Zhinian was Song Menghwa's estranged son, then it meant that Su Zhinian was Song Qingchun's biological brother. Song Qingchun loved Su Zhinian, but she could never marry him

These two pieces of news completely shattered Qin Yinan's plan.

As a responsible man, he could not just ignore Cheng Qingchun, but his heart and the promise he had made compelled him to stick with Song Qingchun.

While he was caught in the difficult situation, both parents decided to have their wedding on March 14th, the day of White Valentine.

Song Qingchun thought she would eventually get used to the role of Su Zhinian's little sister as time passed. However, that definitely was not happening, so she chose the solution of avoidance.

See no evil, hear no evil.

Whenever Su Zhinian was invited to the Song family, she would either work late at the company or wander the streets alone. She would wait until midnight, when Su Zhinian had left, before she returned home.

However, even if she avoided Su Zhinian like the plague, she would still receive updates about him from Song Menghwa.

Su Zhinian did go out to meet with the girls Song Menghwa set him up with. He had met one of them three times already. According to Song Menghwa, this was a done deal.

Song Qingchun, who was drinking a bowl of soup at the time, also thought the same way. To make that Su Zhinian, who always pushes female companions away, meet her three times, it indeed sounds like a done deal.

At the beginning of March, Song Qingchun even met this girl at the Song family home. She chatted a long time with her in the capacity as Su Zhinian's little sister. The girl was soft-spoken, gentle, and kind. When she stood beside Su Zhinian, even though it pained Song Qingchun to admit it, they did look perfect for each other.

Song Qingchun felt glad of this development. She tried to accomplish his wish of marrying Qin Yinan, to become Mrs. Qin and live in the bright world, away from darkness and sin.

He was also living up to his promise of finding a good girl, trying to form a relationship, and slowly using the new girl to replace her.

This was a good development a painful but appropriate development.

The girl stayed with the Song family for most of the day before she left. Su Zhinian stayed after she left. Perhaps it was because she saw Su Zhinian with another woman, but Song Qingchun had trouble sleeping that night.

She went downstairs at midnight to fetch herself a glass of water due to thirst. When she did so, she noticed that the lights in the dining room were still on. Who is still up so late at night?

Song Qingchun walked toward the open dining room door with confusion. She saw Su Zhinian standing inside with his head lowered, trying to pull out some medicine from a white medicine pill box.