Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 759

Chapter 759: 99 Mails (14)

After a pause, Qin Yinan added, "If we go to France, we can also take a detour to Florence"

When Qin Yinan said that, Qingchun was instantly reminded of the same sentence she had told Su Zhinian. Of course, we need to take a detour to Florence to look at the lavenders in bloom.

Song Qingchun started to tremble uncontrollably. She was holding a dress in her hands at the time, and the fabric was getting ruffled from her tight grip.

The salesgirl couldn't help but say something to remind her. "Miss, I'm sorry but you cannot grab the dress so tightly.



The girl called her several times, but Song Qingchun didn't respond. Eventually, she turned toward Qin Yinan pleadingly. Qin Yinan walked over and reached out to grab Song Qingchun's wrist. Then he carefully fished the dress out of her hands. "Song Song?"

Song Qingchun recovered from her thoughts. She looked at Qin Yinan and realized the mistake she had committed. She smiled apologetically and said, "I'm fine."

Before Qin Yinan could say anything, she turned around to continue selecting the dress. As she walked through the shop, she answered Qin Yinan's earlier question. "How about Rome?"

Qin Yinan was confused for a moment before he realized that Song Qingchun was answering the question about their honeymoon location. In his memory, Song Qingchun had never said anything about liking Rome, so he was confused why she would pick that location.

Qin Yinan looked at Song Qingchun's profile for a moment before asking, "But didn't you hate historical places like Rome?"

"Yes, I find it boring" Song Qingchun picked up a white dress with diamond inlaid. She put it before her body and modelled it in the mirror before continuing in a faded tone. "but you like it right?"

"Me?" Qin Yinan laughed. He picked up a black suit that matched Song Qingchun's white dress and held it in front of the mirror before saying, "When did I say I like Rome? I can't remember it."

Song Qingchun placed the white dress back on the rack. She gave Qin Yinan a side-eye before picking up yet another dress. She mocked him half-jokingly, "Stop toying with me, Brother Yinan. During our email correspondence, you told me more than once you like Rome very much."

Song Qingchun thought the dress she was holding was not bad, so she signaled the girl, saying she wished to try it on.

Qin Yinan asked the girl to bring a matching suit before he followed Song Qingchun. "Song Song, what are you talking about? What is this email correspondence?"

Song Qingchun, who was about to walk into the dressing room, stopped. Before she turned around, she heard Qin Yinan say, "How come I don't remember sending you any emails?"

The words Song Qingchun wanted to say were stuck in her throat. She stared at the confused Qin Yinan for some time to ensure he was not lying. Right then, her heart dropped with consternation. With a frown, she said, "Don't you remember? It was during the first year you joined the military. You would send me an email every few days"

Qin Yinan became even more confused.

Song Qingchun's frown deepened. An inexplicable feeling crawled all over her back. She swallowed before explaining it more clearly. "That email is [email protected], don't you remember?"