Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Maniac Su And Sanitary Su 6
Chapter 76: Maniac Su and Sanitary Su (6)
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"Wait a minute" Song Qingchun suddenly stopped complaining as if struck by inspiration. After a while, she exclaimed in pleasant surprise, "Why am I so dumb! Su Zhinian's bungalow has people who come to clean it every day. There is not much dirt, so why am I seriously putting myself through this torment? I can just make a show out of it I will return to bed after he falls asleep, and when he wakes up tomorrow morning, will he be able to tell whether I have cleaned the place or not? Song Qingchun, you are a bloody genius, I love you!"

After that, Su Zhinian heard the sound of a kiss. She had probably kissed herself on her hands and then patted her face with the kiss because he later heard a soft pat.

After a minute of silence, Su Zhinian could pick up sound coming from a television. Probably afraid that he might overhear it, the volume was set to the lowest, but he could still confirm that the sound was coming from the gym.

The gym did not have a television, so she would have been watching it on her phone. The conversations were spoken in Korean. Even though he was not a fan of Korean dramas, he could ascertain the series she was watching. This was because, like the male lead of this series, he too had superpowers.

However, unlike the male lead, he was not an alien who had lived for 400 years. He was only a normal Earthling with a limited lifespan.

Su Zhinian was in a video conference, and throughout the meeting, his attention would be distracted by the sound that came from the gym. The girl in there would yell out or sigh following the drama sequence.

"He's so handsome!", "Gosh, I love Professor Du!", "That bitch!", "According to how these sorts of plots normally go, they're going to kiss, aren't they"

Led by Song Qingchun's immersive comments, he also became immersed in the drama.

"Mr. Su, what do you think about my proposal?" the person on the computer screen asked politely. Su Zhinian lowered his gaze and did not reply, causing the person to cough rather audibly and ask, "Mr. Su?"

Su Zhinian raised his head slightly and told the person on screen, "I'm sorry, excuse me a moment."

Then he stood up and left his study.

Song Qingchun was lying on a yoga mat with her phone raised in front of her eyes; she was intently watching in the drama.

The sound of romantic music drifted out from her phone as the male lead pulled the female lead into his grasp and pressed his lips against hers.

Song Qingchun's heart was pulled along by the scene, and as she focused on the dramatic kiss scene between the two leads, she suddenly heard Su Zhinian's voice from outside the door. "Song Qingchun!"

The phone fell from her startled fingers and flopped onto her face. She wheezed in pain as she heard Su Zhinian's approaching footsteps.

The shock and fear overshadowed the pain on her face, and she speedily turned her phone off and shoved it under the yoga mat. Then, she grabbed the nearby table cloth and went down on all fours to wipe the mat just as the door to the gym was pushed open.

Song Qingchun immediately pretended to be busy cleaning. After the door was fully pushed open, she quietened her beating heart, turning her head up to look fearfully at Su Zhinian.

Su Zhinian glanced at her with disinterest before his gaze fell on the yoga mat. Song Qingchun was so scared that her breathing became labored. Could it be that he heard the sound of the phone and realized I was slacking off?