Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 760

Chapter 760: 99 Mails (15)

Qin Yinan's expression looked a bit sluggish, probably because he did feel the email address sounded familiar, but he couldn't pinpoint it.

Song Qingchun's temper was a bit high that day probably because her mood was not so great. Just as she was about to remind him that he had sent her 99 emails with that address, Qin Yinan suddenly exclaimed with a loud "Oh!" and said, "Song Song, I remember now"

Song Qingchun nodded. "Yes"

Before she could finish, Qin Yinan continued. "but that email was stolen not long after I joined the military. I stopped using it, so I couldn't have sent you any emails."

Brother Yinan didn't use that address? Then who was the person who sent me 99 emails?

"Therefore, Song Song, the person who mailed you is not me. Perhaps it's the hacker who stole the address. But it's impossible to find out who that person is now. After all, it has been so long."

Qin Yinan proffered his speculation, but none of the words landed on Song Qingchun's ears. It was until the salesgirl reminded them that the outfits were already prepared in the dressing room that they both recovered. Then, they separated and wandered off to separate dressing rooms.

Song Qingchun sat on the bench in the dressing room hugging the dress. She didn't move to try on the dress because her mind was filled with thoughts about those emails.

Brother Yinan said the address was stolen, and it might have been done by a hacker, but that shouldn't be. If it was a random hacker, how could he know so much about me and Brother Yinan Obviously, the person was liaising with me, masquerading as Brother Yinan so who could that person be?

Song Qingchun scratched her brain thinking about the possible answer. Suddenly, she pulled out her phone from her pocket like she just realized something. She opened her email app and logged into the address [email protected] When the system asked for a password, she stared at it for some time before keying in six numbers.


These digits were the password to Su Zhinian's house and the password for the Black Card he had given her. At the time, she had been confused why the man would use the same six digits for all his passwords. She had even grumbled about how dangerous it was if he also used the same six digits for his safe deposit box, computer, and stuff. Even though it did cross her mind to try out the six digits around the house, she didn't really do it.

She was unsure whether those six digits would be the password, but when she discovered that those emails didn't come from Qin Yinan and someone was masquerading as him, the first name that appeared in her name as if on instinct was Su Zhinian.

This was because the one other person who knew her that well in this world was Su Zhinian.

The signal in the dressing room was weak. After she keyed in the password, the phone loaded for a very long time before it changed into another page. Song Qingchun held her breath as she stared unblinkingly at her phone. As she expected, the page didn't tell her the password was wrong but entered the mailbox successfully.

The mailbox was incredibly clean. All it had were 99 emails in the inbox and 99 emails in the outbox.

The emails in the inbox all came from her own email address.

She was right all along. Throughout the years, all those Qin Yinan emails that she had treasured like gold all came from the man by the name of Su Zhinian.