Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 761

Chapter 761: 99 Mails (16)

Just how much warmth had he given her without her knowing?

Song Qingchun's heart that was caught in a haze for the whole day started to beat with great speed. Her hands that were wrapped in one another started to shake uncontrollably. The emotions that she had been suppressing since she returned from Hai Nan exploded in that moment. Her brain was a mess. She did not have any intention of trying on the dress anymore. What she needed then was to find a quiet place to chill out alone

Song Qingchun sprang up to her feet and pulled the dressing room door open. The salesgirl who was waiting outside immediately rushed over with a smile. "Miss, how is the dress fitting"

However, when she saw the dress held in Song Qingchun's arms, she paused. "What's wrong, miss? You don't like the dress?"

Song Qingchun shoved the dress into the girl's arms, and without saying a word, she brushed past the girl and staggered her way toward the entrance.

"Miss? Miss?" The girl looked at Song Qingchun's retreating back and the dressing room that housed Qin Yinan. She hesitated for a moment before knocking on Qin Yinan's room door. "Sir, sir, the miss has run away"

Qin Yinan only had on half the outfit, but he immediately dropped the rest of the clothes. He put on his own shirt and rushed out of the dressing room without putting the shirt into the dress pants. He also shoved the remaining clothes into the salesgirl's hands before running toward the entrance with a hasty apology.

Qin Yinan ran around the large mall several times, but he was unable to spot Song Qingchun. He stood before the vending machine to catch his breath. Then, he reached into his pocket to pull out his phone. He was about to call Qingchun when he saw that Cheng Qingchong had sent him a message. When he saw the message, his hand shook, and the phone slipped from his fingers, the screen shattering into pieces.

After their night together, Cheng Qingchong had not interacted with Qin Yinan. However, Cheng Qingchong did keep an eye on Qin Yinan. She even used her business connections to get more updates on Qin Yinan. She didn't hear anything about an upcoming nuptial.

Even though Qin Yinan did promise that he would be responsible for her, one month had passed, and Qin Yinan still had not contacted her. Cheng Qingchong didn't feel that disappointed. Her ultimate goal was to stop him from marrying Miss Song; whether he married her or not, she really didn't mind.

Su Zhinian stopped disappearing from the company. He returned to his usual schedule, coming to work at 9 am and returning home at 5 pm. He looked perfectly normal on the surface. There was this one time when Cheng Qingchong came in to deliver a document to him, and she realized he was messaging 'the person hiding in my memory'.

The days slowly passed, and Cheng Qingchong's heart started to calm down. Big Boss has resumed contact with Miss Song, and there was no wedding news between Miss Song and Mr. Qin. Most importantly, Big Boss often goes to Miss Song's house after work. All this points toward a happy ending between Big Boss and Miss Song.

Whenever she thought about this, Cheng Qingchong would smile to herself, but behind that smile was a sharp pain to her heart.

Regardless, if feelings could be quantified, her happiness for her Big Boss far outweighed her own unhappiness.