Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 763

Chapter 763: 99 Mails (18)

Song Qingchun stared at the building for a long time before walking slowly forward, keyed in the password, pushed open the steel gate, and walked in.

A year passed by in the blink of an eye. One year ago, at this time, she had been chased out of his bungalow. At the time, she had still been lying to herself about her feelings toward him. She remembered being angry at him for sending his secretary to deal with her, but now, she realized that she had already fallen in love with him. The reason she had been angry was because she didn't want to leave.

The patio was still the same, other than a few new Red Berry trees that covered the lawn with their flowers. Song Qingchun could not have been more familiar with this bungalow, but she still wandered around the premises like she was on a tour.

She walked to the front door and looked at the closed door for a moment before walking up the steps to key in the password, push the door open, and walk in. The place was as clean as she expected. In the corner of the room, a new sunflower stalk was blooming in its vase.

Song Qingchun squatted down to pull open the shoe rack. The slippers she had used when she was a house guest were placed orderly inside. It was easy to convince herself that she had never left. Song Qingchun's eyes reddened with tears. She pulled the slippers out and placed them gingerly before herself. She put them on and walked into the house.

She was alone in the three-hundred-foot large bungalow. The place was eerily quiet, amplifying the sound of her footsteps as she walked around the house. Song Qingchun circled the ground floor before moving upstairs. Her first destination was her former bedroom. Other than her stuff that she had already removed from the house, the room had remained practically the same. Even the China Doll which she purchased on a whim was still sitting quietly on the bedside table.

Song Qingchun sat down on the bed before she walked out and turned into his bedroom. The window to the balcony was open, and a cold breeze drifted into the room, causing the indoor temperature to be slightly lower than the corridor.

Song Qingchun walked over to close the window. When she turned around, she spotted a few white boxes sitting on Su Zhinian's bedside table. Song Qingchun recognized them as the same box from which he had taken out his medicine two night ago.

She walked forward to pick one up. When she saw the label "Tranquilizer" on the surface, she frowned. Tranquilizer? Why is Su Zhinian taking tranquilizers, and so many of them at the same time?

Song Qingchun panicked for a moment before she gripped the box and ran out of the bedroom. She rushed into the study, and as she predicted, there were similar white boxes sitting next to Su Zhinian's computer. This means that he has placed tranquilizers all over his house? No, wait, he carries them on him at all times.

Song Qingchun didn't know much about tranquilizers. She walked to Su Zhinian's desk and turned on his computer. Even though the computer was password-protected, Song Qingchun knew the password already. She opened the browser and typed in the word 'tranquilizer'. The results came back in less than a second.

"Tranquilizer is a common drug used for calming effect and to aid sleep. If used in appropriate dosage, a tranquilizer is beneficial to human health. It can help one calm down, improve sleeping habits, and a verifiable anti-depressant. It also helps with anxiety."