Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 764

Chapter 764: 99 Mails (19)

Su Zhinian has trouble sleeping or is facing psychological issue?

She continued to type and then saw a warning. "Overdose on tranquilizers will cause addiction, illusion, light-headedness, or in serious cases, death from apnea."

Song Qingchun was reminded of how he swallowed that handful of pills, and her lips quivered. The mouse she was holding slid off the edge of the table and landed with a thud. Does this mean he is addicted to the pills since he takes so many of them?

Song Qingchun didn't dare imagine the worst. A bone-tingling chill climbed up her back slowly. If she didn't accidentally wander into his bungalow that day, would she have next received news of his death because of a tranquilizer overdose?

What is wrong with him that he has to take so many tranquilizers? He looks so normal on the surface

Song Qingchun closed her eyes and sucked in a deep breath to suppress the fear in her heart little by little. The bungalow was quiet. Song Qingchun sat before the computer for a long time before she slowly opened her eyes. She stood up and planned to collect all the tranquilizer around the house and toss them out. However, in her rush to stand up, she accidentally knocked into the table, causing a document to flutter down to the ground.

Song Qingchun bent over to pick the papers up one by one. One of the files had flown to the deepest corner of the table. She pressed her body down on the table and finally fished the document out. As she struggled to stand up, a booklet fell from the pile of document gathered in her hands.

The booklet was familiar to Song Qingchun, it was his diary. When she still stayed with him, she had seen him write in the booklet more than once. Song Qingchun had always been curious what kind of diary entries the man wrote, but she had never once thought about violating his privacy.

However, as she stood there in his study, the rush to read the diary overwhelmed her because she wished to know the man's thoughts, what his daily thoughts were, how his life was after their separation, and most importantly, perhaps she could find out why he need to take so many tranquilizers.

Song Qingchun squatted down on the floor and stared at the diary for a long time before slowly standing up. She arranged the document that she had knocked over and placed them on the table. Then, she grabbed Su Zhinian's diary and slowly walked over to the coach next to the window. The setting sun filtered through the window and fell judiciously on her. It bathed her in a soft warm glow.

Song Qingchun stared at the cover for a long time before she opened it. Unlike earlier, where she simply sought out a random page, this time, she read it from the very beginning.

"1996, October 1st, sunny."

Song Qingchun frowned when she noticed the date. 1996, this was so many years ago. At the time, Su Zhinian is probably only seven or eight? He started writing the diary when he was so young?

Song Qingchun was duly impressed as she continued her reading. The entry only had one line. "Mother finally came to fetch me out of the sanatorium."

Sanatorium? Su Zhinian has been in a mental hospital and when he was only seven or eight?