Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 768

Chapter 768: Diary for One (3)

"2007, May 14th, sunny. When she went shopping with her friend, she mentioned liking one of the necklaces on display. She didn't buy it. After they left, I went to look at the necklace; the price was startling. I went to waiter at a night club. The bouquet of perfume at the place was heavy, and many women kept wandering around me. Disgusting, stomach upset often."

"2007, June 15th, cloudy. The exam was over, need to stay for another year. Got the salary from the nightclub. Just enough to buy the necklace. Finally, don't need to return to that place anymore. One month of vomiting caused me to drop 8 kilos."

"2007, June 28th, sunny. I placed the necklace quietly in her bag. That afternoon, I saw her wear the necklace when she went to the bathroom. Really happy."

"2007, August 21st, sunny. Mother met with an old friend. The friend promised to look after me when she's recuperating in the hospital. Actually, I don't need anyone to look after me, but when I found out the friend's name was Song Menghwa, I agreed immediately because Song Menghwa's daughter is Song Qingchun."

"2007, September 23rd, cloudy. It has been twenty days since I moved in with the Song family. She doesn't seem to like me. She likes Qin Yinan."

"2007, November 23rd, sunny. One month to Christmas, she has started preparing gifts for Qin Yinan. Since I want to spend more time with her, I agreed to accompany her to go gift-shopping. Got jealous and angered because she wouldn't stop talking about Qin Yinan. Left her at the mall and went home. Too guilty to fall asleep at night."

"2007 December 14th, light snow. She stopped talking to me a long time ago. She even refused to look me in the eye. I wish to apologize to her, but she won't give me the chance because she harrumphs and walks away whenever she sees me."

"2007 December 25th. Christmas. She went to find Qin Yinan. Both of Qin Yinan's parents were not home. Received her call at midnight saying she lost her wallet and was stranded at the airport. Heard the tears in her voice. Hurried to fetch her, that was the best day of my life since I moved in with the Song family."

"2008 January 5th. Mood getting better because we're getting closer."

"2008 May 7th. First time I've felt the rush to kill. Be it Tang Nuan or the ruffians at the nightclub, no one is allowed to bully the love of my life!"

"2008 May 23rd. My birthday. Invited her to have dinner with me."

"2008 May 24th. She stood me up last night. I got drunk and raped her Failed to find her even though I've been looking for her whole day already"

"2008 May 25th. I sold all my stuff and my gaming account. Collecting all the money I had, I bought a diamond ring. If she shows herself, I will propose to her immediately. I know that she will be resistant, but I will give her all the time she needs and try my best to get her to say yes."

Song Qingchun's fingers that held the diary started to shake. So, after that nightmarish night, he bought a ring and planned to propose to her.

"2008 May 27th. The most unforgettable day of my life. The most despairing day of my life. I stumbled upon a secret that completely shattered my dream."