Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 769

Chapter 769: Diary for One (4)

"2008, May 31st. So drunk"

Song Qingchun believed, when Su Zhinian wrote that entry, he must have been blind drunk because she could only recognize the first two words before the rest of the entry devolved into a bunch of incomprehensible lines. At the darkest moment of her life, Song Qingchun hated Su Zhinian deeply, but she now realized that the person who gave her such devastation was not having it easy either.

"2008, June 11th, sunny. The weather today was perfect, but my world was a slate of darkness. Just received the report from the hospital. I'm really Song Menghwa's son. The love of my life is my younger sister from a different mother"

"2008, June 23rd. The result of the exam is out. The grade was better than expected, received many offers from multiple famous schools. Didn't feel happy at all. Have no idea who spread the rumors at school that Tingting and I have slept together. I know that I shouldn't have let the rumors get to me, but the first thing I did was to rush home to check up on her. Ran into an enraged Tingting because she suspected it was me who started the rumors. Really didn't intend to get into an argument with her, but the news that she is my biological sister still bugged me deeply. When she chased me out of the house, I did what she asked. Not only that, I even dropped her a cheque. Thinking back, such a clean break might not be the worst."

"2008, December 25th. Christmas. Passed a store on the way home. Bought a beautifully-wrapped crystal apple. After walking out of the store, only realized it was meant for her. But she's my little sister, what am I thinking?"

"2009, January 1st, New Year. Got drunk with Tang Nuo but still had a bit of consciousness left to hear myself mumbling her name. Tingting, Tingting What should I do? Even if I know she's my sister, I can't stop myself."

"2009 March 5th, another spring has arrived. Today, on the street, saw a girl wearing a red dress with white polka dress. Was reminded of her because she had the same dress. Lost my thought standing there in the streets. I miss her dearly When I was writing my report, I wrote down my name as hers."

"2009 September 7th, holiday. She has returned to Beijing. I ran into her on the street accidentally. She became much prettier since I last saw her, grew taller as well. Only at that moment did I realize how much I missed her. The love remains despite the fact of the truth. The sun this morning was glorious. I sat in the car, but I could only feel the darkness around me. I know that I must try my best not to fall for my little sister, but whenever she appears before me, all my conviction shatters. My life of sin thus began."

"2009, November 28th. I was tasked to make a report at Shanghai. The venue happened to be her school. I saw her, and she also saw me, but she pretended like she didn't know me and walked past me like I was just another stranger on the street."