Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 771

Chapter 771: Diary for One (6)

"2015, November 25th. She collapsed by the roadside due to menstrual cramps. When she woke up the next morning, I heard her answer a phone call from Qin Yinan. I know she couldn't love me, but I was still angered by jealousy and chased her away. However, worried about her health, I rushed out to pull her back. I thought about it and decided to be selfish for once. I'll let her stay by my side for a hundred days, just a hundred days. I wish to collect the best memory for myself in these hundred days."

"2016, January 2nd. I can never be there for her happiness, but I'll always be there for her sadness."

"2016, January 5th. I smiled because of her I smiled. Staring at the smile on my face in the mirror, I was confounded for at least ten minutes. I haven't seen myself smile for years already."

"2016, February 20th. Keep having nightmares, a bad feeling in my stomach. Will bring her to Ming Jing alley tonight."

"2016, June 10th. I've returned to Beijing. Surprised that I'm still alive, also surprised that I managed to run into her the first day I returned to Beijing. I'm sorry, Tingting, I can only pretend to not know you because I've already entertained my selfishness once; I cannot do it again."

"2016, June 19th. She used my card to order a roomful of ladies. I vomited from the overall sense of disgust. Very angry, wanted to demand an explanation from her as I rushed downstairs. Saw that she has sprained her ankle. The anger left me completely, only felt pain in my heart."

"2016, June 25th. The difference between lunar calendar and western calendar is a bit wide this year. This means that my birthday, which is normally in May, was delayed until the end of June. Today is the happiest day of my life because she confessed to me. Very happy, I can even hear the flowers blooming in the background. Very sad because I had to reject her. She has no idea, the person she is confessing to has loved her for a long time already"

"2016, September 25th. Heard the news of her getting married to Qin Yinan. Got drunk, and in my dream, I slept with her again. Woke up to realize it really did happen. I left her with a box of morning-after pills. That night she swallowed the pills right before my eyes. After she left, I stood dumbly at the front door until midnight. Then I went to the pharmacy to buy many boxes of morning-after pills. Munched on them like snacks. They taste very bitter."

"2016, November 4th. She went to Japan, and I followed her. During the journey, she met many interesting events, but she didn't know that those were all specially arranged by me."

The memories of her trip to Japan flooded Song Qingchun's mind. Tears the size of peas slid down her cheeks. The lucky encounters that she experienced had nothing to with her luck but everything to do with Su Zhinian.

2016, December 30th, heavy snow. I drove her home. I believe this is the last time we shall see each other. I'll be leaving on the plane tomorrow, never to return. Goodbye, Tingting. Goodbye, the girl that I love, I wish you a life of happiness."