Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 776

Chapter 776: I'm Not Marrying (1)

Song Qingchun ignored the waiter who came forth to stop her. She walked toward the door of room 1008 and shoved it, putting all her weight behind it. The door was flung open and slammed heavily into the wall. The booming sound caused the conversation in the room to immediately stop.

After about one second of silence, the man who was seated with his back facing the door roared angrily, "What is the meaning of this?"

As he turned around, everyone else on the table also turned in unison toward the entrance.

The only exception was Su Zhinian. The man seated at the head of the table was staring intently at a painting on the wall.

The waiter who stood beside Song Qingchun apologized profusely for not stopping her. "I'm so very sorry. This is my mistake"

As he said so, he tugged on Song Qingchun's sleeves, attempting to pull her out. Song Qingchun looked at Su Zhinian's face for about two seconds before she shrugged the waiter off. Ignoring the gaggle of eyes on her, she walked toward Su Zhinian in her bare feet.

"Miss, who are you? How dare you interrupt an important meeting just like that?" The man who roared earlier began again. Song Qingchun ignored him like he was made of air. With her gaze zeroed in on Su Zhinian, she continued to walk deeper into the private room.

"Waiter, stop her, call security to help if you need it" Another guest who saw how under-dressed Song Qingchun was ordered the waiter, worried that Song Qingchun was there to create trouble.

Su Zhinian, who had been absent-minded throughout the meeting, finally noticed the weird atmosphere in the room. He turned slowly around, and when he saw Song Qingchun, who was stalking toward him like a vengeful spirit, his body froze unconsciously. He sprang up from his seat with an awkward expression on his face like he had been caught red-handed.

Other people at the meeting who wanted to chime in shut up immediately when they noticed this reaction from Su Zhinian. Some of them asked curiously, "CEO Su?"

Su Zhinian did not respond. When he saw the thin clothes Song Qingchun was wearing, he frowned. Then he pushed the chair out from behind him and walked around the table toward her. His gait was fast, so he reached her in just two steps. "Why didn't you put on a coat in such cold weather?"

The people around the table was stunned. So, this young woman with unkempt clothing is here for CEO Su?

Song Qingchun stared straight at Su Zhinian and did not breathe a word.

Su Zhinian noticed the red at the bottom of her eyes, and his frown deepened. "What happened? Who made you cry?"

His concern made Song Qingchun's eyes redden even more. Her lips pursed with force, but she still did not say a word.

Su Zhinian's eyes flickered about with panic, and it was then that he realized she was barefooted. There was a flush of red on her left toe. Su Zhinian's tone turned concerned and angry. "Why did you come out in the cold without putting on your shoes?"

She knew that he was that angry because he was concerned about her, but the moment Su Zhinian's tone turned heavier, her tears fell.

Ignoring the roomful of people, she peeled her lips back and scolded him right to his face.

"Su Zhinian, you big liar!"