Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 777

Chapter 777: I'm Not Marrying (2)

Su Zhinian aside, the whole roomful of people was shocked by Song Qingchun's words. They looked at her with their eyes wide like they could not believe what they were seeing and hearing.

The moment Song Qingchun opened her lips to scold Su Zhinian, the sadness and heartache she had felt when she read the diary all changed into a ball of fury. If not for the fact she accidentally discussed about the honeymoon location earlier with Qin Yinan, would she ever have found out he had masqueraded as her Brother Yinan to communicate with her?

If not for the fact that she keyed in the password to test if it was his email address and went to his bungalow to read his diary, would she have kept being lied to and really married Qin Yinan on March 14th?

Then, she would move on to her supposed happily-ever-after while he waited for death in darkness and despair?

The more Song Qingchun thought about it, the angrier she became. Her expression that glared at Su Zhinian became stern, and her tone was shaking with anger. "How could you do this? Lie to me again and again! We promised each other, so how can you not live up to your promise? Su Zhinian, you're a horrible person."

As she said so, Song Qingchun raised her leg to kick at Su Zhinian's knees. Since Song Qingchun was not wearing any shoes, the rebound from that kick caused a jolt of pain to drill into her heart. She sucked in a deep breath. This was her own mistake, but she even blamed the pain on Su Zhinian. She vented at him. "Do you think it's fun lying to me? Do you know how much I hate you? No, not only hate, I resent you!"

Song Qingchun raised her leg again, but before she kicked at his knees, she remembered the pain from before. She stopped moving and stomped her foot on the ground. The next second, another shot of pain came from the ball of her foot. It caused tears to come to her eyes. She was the one who had been lied to, but how come it was her that was hurt every time she came to confront him?

Song Qingchun's tears came even harder.

Su Zhinian was tickled by Song Qingchun's clumsy reaction. At the same time, he felt pain in his heart as well. The first thing he did was squat down to inspect her leg. When his fingertip touched her ankle, Song Qingchun in her anger suddenly kicked her leg forward on Su Zhinian's shoulder. The man was defenseless and fell to the ground from that kick.

The people in the room was so shocked that they forgot to breath. Who is this woman? She sure has guts!

Just as everyone thought Su Zhinian was going to retaliate, the man stood up calmly from the floor. With everyone looking on with shock and awe, he told Song Qingchun gently, "Can you please wait for a moment?"

Then he turned back to his seat to grab his jacket. Facing the room of shocked individuals, he hastily apologized before returning to Song Qingchun, grabbing her hand, and pulling her along.

In her fury, Song Qingchun flung his hand away. Su Zhinian patiently reached for her arm again. His advance was again rebuffed. Staring at her bare feet, he bent over, picked her up in his arms, and walked out of the room.