Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 779

Chapter 779: I'm Not Marrying (4)

Su Zhinian was startled. He stepped on the brake and turned around to look at her. Feeling his gaze, Song Qingchun explained, "Brother Yinan wants to meet with me, and I need to go see him now."

Su Zhinian's face was completely expressionless. When the car stopped, and Song Qingchun pushed the door open to step out, he finally replied, "Okay."

After a pause, he added, "Do you need me to take you there?"

"It's okay, I'll call for a taxi." When Song Qingchun got her legs out from his car, she realized that she was not wearing any shoes. She got back into his car, pointed at his house, and said, "I need to get my shoes from your house first."

"Okay." Su Zhinian nodded and restarted the engine. He was visibly flustered because he mistook the gas pedal for the brake, and the car shook violently.

Song Qingchun put on her clothes without washing her legs. She bade Su Zhinian farewell as she turned to head out the door. Su Zhinian called after her, and she turned around. He passed the ointment he bought earlier to her and said, "Go home remember to put"

The pause in his voice made Song Qingchun's heart quiver with pain. She knew that he was acting this way because she was going to meet Qin Yinan. Song Qingchun struggled internally for a moment but did not say anything. She accepted the ointment and smiled thinly at him before running out of his sight.

When Song Qingchun reached the Green Island Cafe, Qin Yinan was already there. When she stepped into the place, he waved at her. "Song Song."

Song Qingchun responded with a smile. She walked toward his table and sat down across from him. Song Qingchun's stomach was rumbling because she had not had dinner. She accepted the menu Qin Yinan passed her. She flipped through it twice and turned her head up to ask the waitress with a frown, "Is there no staple meal?"

The waitress shook her head and apologized, "I'm sorry, miss. We don't serve main meals after 9 pm."

Song Qingchun raised her eyes to look at Qin Yinan. Qin Yinan glanced out the window to spot a 24-hour fast food restaurant across the street. He suggested, "How about we go there instead?"

If this had been before, Song Qingchun would have compromised with a snack, but lately, she had found herself yearning for food, the more the better or else. Her stomach would be churning non-step. So, when she heard Qin Yinan's suggestion, she agreed without hesitation. "Okay."

Qin Yinan nodded apologetically at the waitress before he stood up with Song Qingchun to walk across the street to the fast food place. Qin Yinan had already eaten his dinner, and he did not have much of an appetite, so it was Song Qingchun who made all the orders. The place was quite deserted, so their orders were served expediently.

Before Song Qingchun dug in, she remembered the message Qin Yinan sent her. She looked at the man at her table and asked, "Brother Yinan, didn't you say you have something to tell me? What is it?"

"We'll talk after you finish." Qin Yinan's eyes that looked Song Qingchun were soft with kindness.

Song Qingchun nodded and took a bite of the burger. After she swallowed, she added, "That's fine. I have something to discuss with you as well."

Qin Yinan was surprised but did not comment on it. There was no conversation between the two. Song Qingchun finished the burger quietly.

Qin Yinan lowered his head, and his finger appeared to be drawing something on the table like he was thinking about something.