Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Maniac Su And Sanitary Su 8
Chapter 78: Maniac Su and Sanitary Su (8)
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Just how many nicknames had she given him?

The person on the computer screen suddenly stopped talking. After a very long pause, he said, with obvious disbelief, "Oh my God, am I hallucinating? Mr. Su, are you smiling?"

Su Zhinian mumbled incoherently as his gaze caught the mirror in the room. He saw his own reflection, the relaxed brows, curved lips, and the gentleness that permeated every corner of his face

Su Zhinian froze instantly in that moment.

The English voice from the computer continued to say, "I'm really not mistaken; you are smiling"

Su Zhinian, who suddenly came to, did not say a word as he switched off the computer, stood up, and ran rather hurriedly to stand before the mirror.

Even though the smile of the man in the mirror was no longer as big as before, the hint of a faded smile was still there. He studied the man in the mirror for a long time before raising his hand to touch his own face.

When his finger felt the curve of his own lips, it shook violently. Yes, he was really smiling Even he could not remember the last time he had seen a smile on his face

If not for his double and triple checks, he would have thought he had been mistaken about the smile on his face, much less Jonny who had seen it through the computer

To be perfectly honest, it was not his purpose to make things difficult for her, but ever since the night that happened five years ago, she had sworn to cut him out of his life. Even if she was forced to stay under the same roof with him for the sake of Song Empire, other than her explicit responsibility, she would stay as far away from him as she could.

He went through all the trouble simply because he wanted to have more interactions with her. But he really did not expect she would be able to make him smile again

Song Qingchun Song Qingchun, just how many surprises do you intend to bring me before you stop?

After Song Qingchun finished cleaning the first floor, she already felt like her bones were about to shatter. She went upstairs to clean the second bedroom that no one was occupying before moving to the study next to it.

Su Zhinian was no longer sitting at the study table but standing on the open balcony.

The snow was still falling, but he was only in a thin shirt. The wintry breeze blew, and snowflakes collected on his body. However, he stood there in complete silence as if the ravages of nature did not bother him at all.

As Song Qingchun scrubbed the floor, she snuck occasional glances at Su Zhinian. She could not help but think, It's the middle of winter, late night and snowing, isn't he cold?

After she scrubbed half of the room, she went to the bathroom to rinse the cloth, and when she returned, Su Zhinian was still standing there outside in the cold.

After Song Qingchun finished cleaning the room, she glanced at the balcony before leaving, and Su Zhinian still showed no signs of moving from his spot. She hesitated shortly but ultimately closed the door silently without saying anything.

Then, she moved to Su Zhinian's bedroom. She had spent the night before in Su Zhinian's bedroom, and she did not clean it before leaving it this morning; the bed was unmade, and the room a general mess.

Song Qingchun collected the bedsheets in a hug before depositing them on the sofa. She then smoothed out the mattress and then replaced the pillow she had kicked off the bed earlier. As she moved around the bed to replace the other pillow, she saw something that looked like the corner of book poking out from underneath.

Out of curiosity, Song Qingchun pulled it out, only to realize that it was not a book but a smaller notebook.