Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 780

Chapter 780: I'm Not Marrying (5)

"Brother Yinan."

Qin Yinan raised his head after a pause. Looking at the empty tray before her, he smiled and said, "You had your fill?"

"Yes," Song Qingchun replied with a smile. She titled her head to the side to look at Qin Yinan. Then she asked, "Brother Yinan, what is it that you want to talk to me about?"

When he received the message from Cheng Qingchun, Qin Yinan had been caught in a struggle. She was pregnant, and she was carrying his child. He had taken the woman's first time, and it was bad enough that he had delayed taking responsibility. He could not possibly ask her to go for an abortion or abandon them completely.

Actually, the moment he found out that Cheng Qingchun was pregnant, he knew that he had to give up on Song Qingchun.

Once upon a time, he had thought Tang Nuan was the one for him. For the sake of Tang Nuan, he had hurt Song Qingchun many times. Now that he knew Song Qingchun was the girl he had been looking for, he had no choice but to be sorry to her one more time.

He had missed her that one time so many years ago, and it had been destined since then that they would never be in each other's life again.

Qin Yinan had rehearsed apology in his heart many times, but with her sitting before him, he found it difficult to say it.

Song Qingchun waited for a long time for him to speak and eventually had to prompt him. "Brother Yinan? Why aren't you saying anything?"

Qin Yinan slowly blinked into consciousness. He opened his lips, but before any words escaped, his heart twitched with shame and sadness. He turned his head to look at the passing cars outside the restaurant. He then closed his eyes like he had made a decision. "Song Song, I'm sorry, but I cannot marry you."

Song Qingchun was visibly surprised. Qin Yinan still had not opened his eyes. He waited for a moment, but when Song Qingchun did not say anything, he repeate,as if worried that she didn't hear him clearly, "I'm really sorry, but I cannot marry you, Song Song. This is all my fault, and I didn't expect things will progress this way"

The relationship between them was barely above friendship, but Qin Yinan was talking like he was the husband confessing to his wife about his extra-marital affair. Song Qingchun blinked several times at Qin Yinan, and the surprise still had not left her face.

Qin Yinan raised his hands to rub his face. Then, he slowly turned around to meet Song Qingchun's gaze. "I'm sorry, Song Song. I'm really sorry"

His multiple apologies finally stuck home. Song Qingchun recovered and smiled at him, adding, "Brother Yinan, please stop apologizing. Actually, the reason I came to find you tonight was to tell you I can't marry you anymore"

This time, it was Qin Yinan who was stunned.

Song Qingchun's tone was full of apology, just like how Qin Yinan's had been earlier. "I was about to say the exact thing you just told me, and that is why I was so surprised. So, Brother Yinan, don't feel sorry. Furthermore, it was me who asked you to marry me as a favor, so it should be me who apologizes to you"

When Song Qingchun exited the fast food restaurant, it was already 11 pm.

She called for a cab. However, she did not return to home but went to Su Zhinian's bungalow.