Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 783

Chapter 783: I'm Not Marrying (8)

This whole situation brought tears to Song Qingchun's eyes. She stared at Su Zhinian, who was helping her wash her feet, and her power of speech was taken away from her.

After Su Zhinian washed Song Qingchun's feet clean, he poured the dirty water away and took a dry towel to wipe Song Qingchun's feet dry. Then he sat down beside her, pulled out the ointment from her grasp, and carefully applied with medicine with the aid of a cotton ball.

His movement was extremely light and gentle. When he got a closer look of the wounds on her feet, his brows furrowed, and displeasure crossed his handsome face. However, this only made him move even gentler. He held her feet in his hands and inspected them carefully to make sure the wounds were not deep before he cautiously applied the ointment. His cautiousness and gentleness that seemed like he was handling the most delicate thing in the world made Song Qingchun bite the corner of her lips unconsciously.

All her life, her living environment had been a lot better than many girls her age. She was the youngest of her family and was thus pampered from birth. However, it was not until she met the man by the name of Su Zhinian that she realized all that pampering was nothing compared to the lengths he would go to for her.

Song Qingchun bit on her lips harder, and her eyes started to well up. Su Zhinian finished applying the ointment and tossed the cotton ball into the dustbin before telling Song Qingchun, "Sit there quietly and wait for me to come back with a pair of shoes."

As he turned to leave, Song Qingchun suddenly reached out to grab his wrist. Su Zhinian was startled. Before he could turn around to look at Song Qingchun, he heard the girl's very soft voice. "Su Zhinian, tonight it was Brother Yinan who asked to meet me."

Indeed, it had been his wish for Song Qingchun to marry Qin Yinan because, using his superpower of mind-reading, he had read more than once from Qin Yinan's heart his authentic thoughts. His feelings toward Song Qingchun were sincere; it was why after he suffered that slash to his abdomen, he ordered Cheng Qingchong to let Qin Yinan know the girl he had the literature book club with was actually Song Qingchun. This was because he wanted Qin Yinan to treat Song Qingchun betteronly then could he be at ease leaving the love of his life in Qin Yinan's hands.

Only he knew how painful it was for him to commit to that decision, but since Qin Yinan could give Song Qingchun the thing that he could not, he had no choice but to opt for this option.

However, this did not mean that he was spared from jealousy and envy. He resented listening to the words 'Brother Yinan' on her lips. Therefore, whenever Song Qingchun said that, Su Zhinian's hands would quietly clench into fist, and he would go completely silent.

Song Qingchun stared at Su Zhinian's profile and suppressed the feelings that appeared in her heart from the fact that the man had just washed her feet. "Brother Yinan said he couldn't marry me anymore."

Su Zhinian's handsome face was first filled with surprise before it was completely overwhelmed by unbridled anger. The next second, he shrugged Song Qingchun's hand off his wrist, bent over to pick up his coat, and dashed toward the entrance with a drawn face.

Song Qingchun really did not anticipate such a volatile reaction from Su Zhinian. She jumped down from the sofa, ignoring the slick ointment on her feet that had not dried yet.