Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 785

Chapter 785: I'm Not Marrying (10)

Standing before her, it was as if she was already in hell. Song Qingchun realized that hell was not as terrible as she thought; if anything, she felt a sense of belonging and peace, unlike earlier days when her mood would swing endlessly.

"You should give up approaching any girls, and I will not marry. Neither of us should force the other into doing things that we don't like. We'll stay in hell and watch each other's back, okay?"

Su Zhinian, how about I come down to hell to accompany you? We'll stay in hell and watch each other's back, okay?

These were such sad words, but they brought immediate warmth to Su Zhinian's black, frozen heart. Even his eyes had started to prickle with tears. He admitted readily, even in his dreams, he wished to hear such words.

Many years ago, when he realized that she was his biological sister, there was a part of him, that small part that was shrouded with sin, that wished to pull her into abyss of hell with him. However, afraid that it might pollute and ruin her, he used all his power to suppress that sinful part of him.

When he heard those words from her lips, his heart that he believed had died since he returned from Hai Nan started to beat with life. He could hear his heart yelling the most earnest wish into his ears, Say YES! Say YES! Say YES!

Those instructions were like hypnosis, causing Su Zhinian to go silent for a long time.

Happiness and bliss were right before him, but did he have the guts to reach for it?

However, his happiness was going to be traded for her whole life. She was the girl he had wasted his whole life to protect. He would rather torment himself endlessly than ruin her.

Su Zhinian slowly closed his eyes. After about a minute, he opened his eyes again, and they were shining with the usual cold glow. His eyes that stared back at Song Qingchun and his tone were calm and level. "Qingchun, you have to realize this is not realistic. We cannot be together. This world, this society, will not allow us to be together"

"Whether we be together or not is our decision; what does it have to do with this world and society?" Song Qingchun saw this question coming from miles away, so when Su Zhinian asked the question, she was already prepared with the answer.

After taking a pause, Song Qingchun softened her tone and continued. "Su Zhinian, I understand what you're worried about. You don't want me to fall into a twisted romantic relationship, but I'm not afraid. I don't care about how the world views me; I just want to be together with you"

As she said those words, there seemed to be a ray of seven lights crossing his eyes.

"Even if it's an endless abyss, I would jump into it to be with you. So, Su Zhinian, please don't reject me anymore, okay?"

Her determination caused his already quaking heart to start to shake. He could feel the word "okay" clawing its way up from his heart, up his throat, and to his lips.