Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 786

Chapter 786: I'm Not Marrying (11)

Su Zhinian swallowed deeply to push the 'okay' back down his throat.

Song Qingchun suddenly reached out to grab his shirt collar. "I don't envy the light anymore; I just want to stay beside you even if it's the deepest reaches of hell. As long as it's with you, even hell can be heaven"

The 'okay' Su Zhinian finally forced down his throat started to resurface because of that sentence from Song Qingchun. Before he could react, the word almost slipped out of his lips. At the very last moment, he clamped his mouth shut, flung Song Qingchun's hands away, turned, and escaped downstairs.

"Su Zhinian, I've already said, I don't mind coming to hell with you, why do you still care so much!

"Su Zhinian, you know as well as I do, neither of us will be happy if we're apart, so why are you doing this!

"Su Zhinian, I'm telling you I've come to this decision, so it will not change. No matter what you think, you have to agree to it!"

Song Qingchun trailed behind Su Zhinian and yelled at his back. The man did not react to her in any way. He reached the landing, pushed open the door to the gym, and strode in.

Song Qingchun followed him to the gym, and she saw Su Zhinian expertly locking up the doors and windows. "Su Zhinian, are you deaf? Can you hear me or not?"

Su Zhinian responded with a wall of silence. After locking the door and windows in the gym, he walked out of the room. He brushed past her without taking a glance at Song Qingchun and walked into the living room, his hands still holding the keys.

Song Qingchun followed with a frown. "Su Zhinian, why are you locking the doors and windows? Also, we're in the middle of a conversation, can you please show some respect!"

Su Zhinian wiggled the windows to make sure they could not be open. Then, he shoved the keys into his pocket and strode toward the front door.

"Su Zhinian, where are you going? You're not trying to escape, are you?" It was then that Song Qingchun realized something was off. She ran to catch up, but she was still too late. The man had already exited the house.

"Su Zhinian, stop right there!" Song Qingchun raced toward the man, but when she reached the front door, the door was slammed shut. Song Qingchun could hear the lock between twisted on the other side.

He's trying to lock me inside the house? Song Qingchun practically slammed into the door. She twisted the door knob as hard as she could to try to force it open. However, she was still one step too late. No matter how hard she pushed, the door refused to budge.

Song Qingchun was incensed beyond belief and started to kick at the door.

"Su Zhinian, you coward, bastard, wimp, chicken"

Song Qingchun roared angrily as she kicked at the door. "I'm telling you, Su Zhinian, if you dare, then lock me up for life. Otherwise, the moment you open this door, I'm going to stick to you for life."

Song Qingchun in her rage started to curse. "F*ck, I've never been so pissed in my life. Su Zhinian, is this how a man handles thing? Run away from the problem"