Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 787

Chapter 787: I'm Not Marrying (12)

Song Qingchun turned around angrily. Like a crazed beast, she dashed back into the living room. She paced around the large room, and the more she did so, the bigger the fire in her heart. She eventually walked back to the front door and kicked at it twice. Then, she yelled, "Su Zhinian, I'm telling you, if you don't let me out now, I'll tear your house down!"

Song Qingchun looked around the room and realized that every single of the decoration was probably worth more than gold. She bit on her lips and finally dashed into the dining room, grabbed a glass cup, and slammed it heavily to the ground.

"I'm not kidding, I, Song Qingchun, am a woman of my words!" Song Qingchun screamed as she raised her ears toward the front door. Realizing Su Zhinian had not responded to her threat, Song Qingchun bit on her lips, grabbed another cup, and slammed it once again to the floor.

"Su Zhinian, if you don't let me out now, I'm going to torch this place down!"

"Su Zhinian, I'm turning on the gas!"

"Su Zhinian, I'm calling the cops."

"Su Zhinian, if you don't open this door, I'm going to ram my head into it"

"Su Zhinian, don't make me jump down from the second floor"

Song Qingchun knew that Su Zhinian was standing outside the door, so she screeched all the threats that she could come up with to scare him. However, the man remained unmoved no matter the threat. If this was any other time, she would have created a ruckus throughout the night, but recently, Song Qingchun had been feeling a bit unlike herself. She not only would get hungry often but also tired easily. Her naps would last longer than usual.

She only created chaos for half an hour, but it drained her completely. She collapsed exhaustedly on the sofa, too lazy to move even a muscle. Even the scolding words that escaped her lips became soft.

Finally, she closed her lips thinking about giving it a rest. She would continue this when Su Zhinian had the guts to show himself. However, hugging the pillows, leaning on the couch, Song Qingchun fell into a sleep.

Su Zhinian, who stood outside the door, waited until Song Qingchun stabilized before he used the key to open the door and slunk back in. The place was a total mess and every surface, upstairs and downstairs was covered with stray article of clothing.

Su Zhinian frowned with disgust looking at the chaos before he walked to the sofa to pick Song Qingchun up.

He placed her on his bed and covered her with the blanket. Then, he cleaned up the bedroom before sitting down on the bed and reaching out to caress her face.

The girl in her dream seemed to sense the heat of his palm because she snuggled deeper into the center of his palms and even nuzzled against it.

This kitten-like behavior of hers caused Su Zhinian to exude an aura of gentleness.