Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 788

Chapter 788: I'm Not Marrying (13)

His fingertips continued to trace the line of her jaw lightly. The girl was so deep in her sleep that she did not show any sign of waking up. Perhaps she even enjoyed the affection because her lips curved into a smile. His heart was melted into a puddle of water, and his eyes that stared at him became soft as first snow.

The night darkened, and the girl fell deeper into her dream. Su Zhinian stayed beside her in bed, completely immobile. His eyes became covered with melancholy. She had just told him, she was willing to accompany him in hell. He had been alone throughout his whole life so only God knew how thrilled he was when he heard that sentence.

But Tingting, do you know? Heaven and hell are only a thought away. I've been in hell for so long that there's no longer any hope for me, but you're different. You can still turn back now, so don't be like me and fall into hell without turning back.

Even if Qin Yinan will not marry you, please don't consider the option of returning to me. Because your one moment of impetuousness could very well ruin you for life.

At the most crucial moment tonight, I chose to flee but this doesn't mean that I'll be able to suppress the darkest desire in my heart in the future. Therefore, Tingting, stop coming to me and doing this to yourself; I will really act as you say and lock you up in hell forever and ever.

The sky outside the window started to turn white. Su Zhinian pulled his finger away from Song Qingchun's face. He pulled on the cover and stood up. He planted a very light kiss between her brows and turned to walk out the bedroom.

The streets of Beijing at seven in the morning were empty. Su Zhinian soon reached Qin Yinan's apartment. He parked the car underneath Qin Yinan's building and strode into the elevator, pressing Qin Yinan's apartment floor.

He stood outside Qin Yinan's apartment and pressed on the doorbell. After two minutes, Su Zhinian finally heard the sound of approaching footsteps through the door. Qin Yinan pulled the door open without even asking who it was.

A dense smog of alcohol drifted out from within the apartment, causing Su Zhinian to frown with disgust.

Qin Yinan looked like he was dying, and he was swaying on his feet. He stared at Su Zhinian for a long time before he could recognize who it was. Then he slowly moved back from the doorway, adding, "Come in."

Su Zhinian followed Qin Yinan into the apartment wordlessly. The moment Qin Yinan closed the door, Su Zhinian reached out to grab the collar of Qin Yinan's pajamas. He glared at the other man and interrogated in a chilling voice, "Did you really tell Song Qingchun you can't marry her?"

Qin Yinan was confused for a moment before he was focused enough to nod and say, "Yes"

Before he finished, Su Zhinian's punch went flying at his face.

Qin Yinan's head lolled to the side from the punch, and a line of liquid slowly trailed down the corner of his lips.

He did not retaliate. In fact, it did not seem like he could sense pain because his expression remained unmoved. He allowed his head to hang toward the side for quite some time before raising his hand to wipe away the stuff at the corner of his lips. Staring at the sticky and red liquid stuck to his hand, he chuckled to himself and nodded in agreement.

"Yes, I fully deserve that"