Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 789

Chapter 789: I'm Not Marrying (14)

Qin Yinan's ostentatiously care-free reaction fueled Su Zhinian's anger. He clamped his hands around Qin Yinan's neck, planning to choke the life out of him. As if feeling that was not enough, he took a step back and raised his leg, aiming to kick the man's abdomen, when Qin Yinan's thoughts filtered into his mind. If only I didn't overdrink and mistake Cheng Qingchong for Song Song in my drunken state

Su Zhinian's movement halted. Cheng Qingchong? My secretary?

He loosened the hold on Qin Yinan's neck, and his icy gaze flashed with surprise.

The drunken Qin Yinan was still trapped in the memory from the night before. Su Zhinian continued to read more of his thoughts. In that case, if Cheng Qingchong didn't get pregnant, would I have carried out the marriage with Song Song?

Cheng Qingchong is pregnant? When Su Zhinian heard from Song Qingchun that Qin Yinan had reneged on the marriage, he was very confused why this man who had been so nice to Song Qingchun would give up on her. He had considered the possibility of Qin Yinan having another woman, and he had even suspected that it was Tang Nuan, but the name of his secretary truly was a shock. Not only that, she already carried his child?

If I didn't bow out of the marriage, would Song Song proceed to marry me? Qin Yinan suddenly scoffed in self-deprecation. Who am I kidding?

When he heard from Song Qingchun that she had something similar to tell him, he had been petrified. He had sat where he was for a long time before pulling his gaze back onto Song Qingchun. He had leaned back in his chair before asking, "Is it because of Su Zhinian?"

He knew better than anyone that the only person who could make her withdraw from the marriage was Su Zhinian. However, he had still asked because he wanted to hear it from her lips, to devastate himself one last time. The answer had been even more devastating than he thought.

Song Qingchun, who was Su Zhinian's biological sister, had admitted without hesitation and readily with a crisp and unambiguous, "Yes."

Her plain attitude had brought tears to his eyes. However, he had refused to give up and explained it to her in the manner of a friend. "Song Song, you have to understand that he's your older brother You cannot be in love with him"

How she replied to him, he could still replicate word by word. She had said, "Brother Yinan, I know he's my brother, and I'm his sister. We can never be a couple, but that doesn't mean we cannot be together, right?

"Brother Yinan, I understand that you're just looking out for me, but I know what I'm doing. In fact, I've never been so clear of a decision before. If I really proceed to marry you, it'll really be the biggest mistake of my life.

"Tonight, before I came to see you, I thought it through. In this life, even if I cannot marry Su Zhinian, I will not marry anyone else.

"He's not going to take a wife, and I'm not going to find a husband; we'll just be together forever, a lifetime of being beside each other"

Song Qingchun's confession caused Su Zhinian's body to shudder violently. His leg that was aimed at Qin Yinan's abdomen slowly moved back onto the floor.