Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Maniac Su And Sanitary Su 9
Chapter 79: Maniac Su and Sanitary Su (9)
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Song Qingchun pulled the book out, and after she dusted it off, she realized it looked very much like a diary

The notebook was thick and looked well-used. Song Qingchun turned the book in her hands over, and various questions cropped up in her mind. This is Su Zhinian's diary? Do grown men still write in dairies these days? And really, what kind of entries is a robot like him going to write? Or this is an account book, yes, that makes more sense. It probably records his daily spending and such

Regardless, her interest was piqued. She glanced at the closed bedroom door, and after some hesitation, flipped it openly carefully like she had found some kind of treasure.

The first page of the book only had two words written on it: Su Zhinian.

The handwriting was clean but blocky. It had a childish scrawl to it, a distinct difference from his current day's impressive signature. He had probably written it when he was a boy. Song Qingchun flipped through the diary roughly and realized half of it was filled, and the handwriting showed a great evolution in maturity from the first page to the latest page

"Who would have thought a robot like Maniac Su would have the habit of keeping a diary? Hmm Maybe I should call him Diary Su in the future," Song Qingchun mumbled under her breath before flipping to a random page to read.

When Su Zhinian heard the words, "Diary Su", he slowly returned from his reverie. At the time, he had still not caught on to what the meaning behind the nickname was, and there was even a flash of serenity in his eyes that he did not realize. So she has given me a new nickname?

Before the thought could be fully processed in his mind, he heard Song Qingchun's gentle voice once more. "I've expended three lifetimes to find you, and now I will use another to make you my wife This was really written by Diary Su? It's so beautiful and poetic"

It was at this point when Su Zhinian snapped back into focus. His eyes narrowed subconsciously as he turned around to dash out of the study.

When she was in third year of high school, it was not uncommon for Song Qingchun to 'refer' to Su Zhinian's homework, and she could still vaguely remember his handwriting from back then. Reading the page of the dairy, she was certain the entry was written when Su Zhinian was in high school.

That page had many entries, but each entry was ridiculously short. The one she had just read to herself only had one line.

"I've expended three lifetimes to find you, and now I will use another to make you my wife."

Following her elocution, Song Qingchun could feel her heart skipping a beat. " This was really written by Diary Su? It's so beautiful and poetic"

Song Qingchun was going to continue reading when she suddenly dropped the diary and let it fall to the floor as she stood there motionlessly by the bed.

Thirty seconds later, Song Qingchun slowly blinked back into consciousness. She stared at the diary on the floor, and her brows creased deeply. Wasn't I reading the diary? Why is it on the floor?

Dismissing it as a result of her tired body and mind, Song Qingchun bent down to pick up the dairy and continued what she was saying earlier. "Who would have thought he could write something so poetic"

As she planned to resume flipping through the diary, she wondered aloud, "Looks like I can also call him Poet Su"

Just as Song Qingchun's finger was opening the diary's cover, the bedroom door blasted open from the outside, and Su Zhinian's icy voice demanded vehemently, "What are you doing"