Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 790

Chapter 790: I'm Not Marrying (15)

Qin Yinan was too caught up in his own thought to notice the changes in Su Zhinian. It was hard to describe what he was feeling at that moment. He suddenly felt Song Song had become a stranger. He had grown up with her, but at the moment, there was a part of his brain that told him the girl sitting across from him was not the Song Song he knew and recognized.

Her courage, conviction, determination, and relentlessness. She was like a sun, glorious yet blinding with her beauty.

After he found out she had fallen in love with Su Zhinian, he had promised himself that he would not interfere into her relationship anymore because he had once given the promise 'may you hold my hand in love and companionship, but may good fortune hold yours in parting and solitude.'

However, he had been curious what kind of position he and Su Zhinian occupied in her heart. It was at that moment that he got the answer; he understood the difference between him and Su Zhinian in her heart.

He was her crush from her childhood years, and Su Zhinian was the love of her life. In a person's life, there could be many crushes, but normally, only one heartfelt love of one's life. Only a love of such depth could make one change, and he, Qin Yinan, had never introduced any changes in Song Qingchun.

He had thought that truth was hurtful enough, but when he asked her the next question, her answer had been yet another painful strike to his heart.

He had asked, "Song Song, aren't you afraid? Afraid of the pointing fingers of the world, the colored gazes of the people around you? You have to understand that you're betting your whole life to make this decision."

She had answered, "I'm not afraid.

"As long as I have Su Zhinian, I'm not afraid because the whole world, for me, is incomparable to one Su Zhinian. I'd rather give up the whole world if I cannot have Su Zhinian.

"Su Zhinian is my life."

Su Zhinian had gone there to demand an explanation from Qin Yinan, so he didn't expect to read his and her conversation from last night from his heart.

As long as I have Su Zhinian, I'm not afraid the whole world, for me, is incomparable to one Su Zhinian I'd rather give up the whole world if I cannot have Su Zhinian Su Zhinian is my life

Su Zhinian's hands that held Qin Yinan's collar started to tremble before dropping weakly to his side. He staggered two steps back before knocking into the cupboard that was placed by the front door.

The pain jolted him awake. Without a glance at Qin Yinan, who festering in his own despair, Su Zhinian turned slowly around to exit his apartment. He pressed the elevator button, exited the building, pulled the car door open, started the engine, and left in his car.

The whole series of actions seemed to be done on autopilot.

His brain kept repeating the words that he managed to read from Qin Yinan's heart. The desperate desire to return to her once more was awakened within him.

His car, without him realizing it, was headed toward his own bungalow.

He gripped the steering wheel tightly as he commanded himself to turn around at the next corner. However, the car followed the direction of his heart as it headed for Shining Light Residences.

Su Zhinian, do you understand what you're doing if you return to Shining Light Residences? Do you know what this represents?