Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 791

Chapter 791: I'm Not Marrying (16)

It means that she can never enjoy the things that the normal girls her age do, like walking the streets holding the hand of the man she loves. You'll be depriving her of the dream of every woman, walking down the aisle in a white dress. She'll lose many good things in her life, and in their place will be isolation and disgust from the world.

She can have a lover, but she can never have a home. Even going on a date with her lover will be an exercise of extreme secrecy. As she grows old, she'll start to envy the women around her because they'll one by one enter motherhood, but she'll never have a child. Her spouse bracket will stay empty for life. If unfortunately enough, you leave before her in your old age, she will not even have a child to look after her.

Therefore, Su Zhinian, are you sure you want to return to Shining Light Residences?

Are you sure you want to rush to her side, pull her into your arms, and tell her, "Tingting, just like you said, I'm not going to take a wife, and you're not going to find a husband. We'll just be together forever, a lifetime of being beside each other"

If you're sure, you can gain a lifetime of happiness, but she will lose her entire life because of you.

The car took a sharp right turn and dashed into the Shining Light Residences. Su Zhinian turned the many corners expertly. As his bungalow appeared in his view on his left-hand side, his emotions started to rage.

Su Zhinian, you said you love her so much, so why are you so cruel to ask her to abandon a life of light and hope and drag her into the darkness of hell with you?

Su Zhinian, how can you be so heartless?

An emergency brake caused the car to grind to a halt before the bungalow accompanied by the screeching of the tires. Without missing a beat, Su Zhinian twisted the steering wheel to turn the car around. He stepped on the gas pedal and drove away from the bungalow with incredible speed.

I cannot do this.

Even if her words really did touch him, he still did not have the heart to ruin her life. He could not bring himself to pull her down into hell with him, could not bring himself to make her lose all the hope and light she deserved, and could not bring himself to cause her to lose the whole world because of him, one Su Zhinian.

Song Qingchun had a long sleep. When she woke up, it was already noon, and the sun was bright outside the window. The girl, who had slept for about twelve hours, stretched lazily in bed. She then snuggled deeper into the mattress, unwilling to wake up on such a wondrous day.

Since it was a Saturday, she pulled the cover around her and closed her eyes. She planned to stay in bed a little while longer before she sought out Su Zhinian, but to her surprise, when she opened her eyes, it was already late afternoon.

Song Qingchun, who had slept for so long, still felt like it was not enough. She got out of bed while yawning. She went to brush her teeth, and when she got downstairs to fetch a glass of water, she realized that the bungalow that she had trashed the day before had been cleaned up.

Su Zhinian was not home, and the window on the first floor was open. The late breeze blew into the house lazily, causing the curtains to flutter.

After gulping down the glass of water, Song Qingchun's stomach rumbled noisily. She went through Su Zhinian's fridge to scrounge some food. After she had her fill, she picked up her bag and left his bungalow.

Song Qingchun called Su Zhinian first, but there was no answer. After that, she called home.