Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 793

Chapter 793: I'm Not Marrying (18)

Aren't you obsessed with phone games? Why did you stop?

Just as Song Qingchun wanted to give Su Zhinian a gloating look, Song Menghwa suddenly asked, "Ah Nian, who has been messaging you so constantly?"

After that, Song Menghwa passed an empty bowl to the maid, signaling for her to ladle for him a bowl of soup. Before Su Zhinian answered, he asked, "Is it Xiao Yang?"

Xiao Yang was one of the girls Song Menghwa had introduced to Su Zhinian, the girl Su Zhinian had met thrice. Her full name was Yang Lin.

Su Zhinian knew that Song Qingchun had been staring at him, so when he turned to look at Song Menghwa, he kept his head lowered. It was not until his face was turned away from Song Qingchun that he raised his eyes and nodded absent-mindedly.

When Song Menghwa saw this, he smiled brightly. "You've been texting Xiao Yang all this while?"

Out of the corner of his eyes, Su Zhinian saw the glint in Song Qingchun's eyes. After a moment's silence, he nodded once more and lied, "Yes."

A girl who he's met three times and still in contact with, there's probably something between them Song Menghwa's face glowed brightly. Then he asked a question that he had been meaning to ask. "Then, what do you think of Xiao Yang?"

What do I think? Honestly? He could not even remember the full name of this Xiao Yang. Actually, it was then that he managed to match the name to the face; Song Menghwa was talking about the girl he had met thrice. Su Zhinian knew that, even though Song Qingchun appeared to be looking at her phone, her attention was actually fully placed on this conversation.

He was silent facing Song Menghwa's eyes that glowed with anticipation. Then he answered, "She's okay."

As these words fell from his lips, he could see Song Qingchun's fingers shake out of the corner of his eyes.

Su Zhinian was naturally reserved, and if he was willing to use these two words to describe a woman, it meant that he had quite a good impression of her. Perhaps because he felt like his end was coming, Song Menghwa was extremely nervous about the future of his children. "Good, Ah Nian, you're not getting any younger, and your mother has been waiting so long for a grandson. It's about time you take this seriously."

"Hmm" Su Zhinian answered softly like he was thinking about it. After some time, he turned toward Song Menghwa and said gently, "I know Actually, I've been thinking about it lately."

After a pause, Su Zhinian continued. "When the time is about right, I will consider marriage."

Consider marriage? Song Qingchun heard these words and felt like she had been struck by lightning. Her eyes that stared at her phone froze, and her heart fell at a rapid speed.

What is Su Zhinian talking about? Consider marriage? With the girl he has met just three times? He obviously does not like her, the only reason he agreed to go out with her was to swindle me, so why is he considering marriage all of a sudden?

Song Menghwa was stunned from the pleasant surprise. Then he laughed happily and said repeatedly, "GoodGood"

Fang Rou, who said beside him, also smiled and chimed in softly. "Father, congratulations, looks like our family is going to enjoy two good events soon."