Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 794

Chapter 794: I'm Not Marrying (19)

"You're right" Su Zhinian had already said he was still considering it, but Song Menghwa still asked, "Ah Nian, have you got plans for when you're getting married?"

After a few seconds, Song Qingchun heard Su Zhinian answer, "As soon as possible."

After that, Song Menghwa's laughter and the whole dining room faded into the background. The sound of conversation, congratulations, and the television from the living room all disappeared. The only sound left in Song Qingchun's mind wasSu Zhinian is considering marriage, and he wants it as soon as possible.

Song Qingchun's eyes started to get crowded with tears. When she raised her head away from her phone to look across from her, the man had already left his seat. She jumped up from her chair immediately and ran out the dining room. She saw Su Zhinian putting on his jacket, telling Song Menghwa, "I need to leave because there's something I need to take care of at the company."

Song Menghwa walked Su Zhinian to the door. "Drive carefully."

Following Su Zhinian's barely discernible "hmm", Song Qingchun could hear the car engine being started. She stood at the door to the dining room for two seconds before running upstairs. She grabbed a random coat, grabbed the car key out of her bag, and ran back downstairs.

When he saw the agitated state she was in, Song Menghwa, who had returned to the living room after sending Su Zhinian away, couldn't help but stop to ask Song Qingchun, "Qingchun, where are you going so late in the night?"

"I just remembered that I left my wallet at the company." Song Qingchun gave a random excuse, pushed open the door, and ran out. She jumped into her car and started the engine without putting on the seatbelt. Her car raced out of the yard and headed in the direction Su Zhinian's car had disappeared.

I told him yesterday I want to be with him, and today, he said that he is considering marriage. Is this his answer to my offer of going down to hell to accompany him?

Without me, he is living a life that cannot be called one. In fact, he needs to overdose himself on tranquilizers daily to survive each day. Even in such a state, he refused to allow me to join him, why? Now, to force me away, he's going to marry some woman he barely knows and doesn't like?

She knew everything he did was for her, but it still made her incredibly angry! Song Qingchun could sense the anger from yesterday starting to boil in her heart.

She stared at the road ahead with a pair of eyes that were burning with vengeance. After cutting through two red lights, she finally saw Su Zhinian's car. She stepped on the gas pedal to race toward him.

The distance between them became closer and closer. Just as Song Qingchun's car was about fifty meters away from him, Su Zhinian seemed to realize that she tailing him because the speed of his car suddenly increased.

Su Zhinian, you want to run away from me? In your dreams!

Song Qingchun turned the steering wheel to switch into another lane. She stepped on the pedal, and in just a blink of an eye, her car surpassed Su Zhinian's car.