Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 795

Chapter 795: I'm Not Marrying (20)

Song Qingchun did not give Su Zhinian any time to react. With a twist of the steering wheel and a screeching of tires on asphalt, her car arced greatly on the road before stopping in a horizontal position, blocking the road entirely. Su Zhinian had no choice but to step on the brakes.

Due to force of inertia, Su Zhinian's car continued to move toward Song Qingchun's car. Her car was adjacent to his moving vehicle, so the front of his car would knock into the side of her car.

She might be injured from the collision Su Zhinian turned the steering wheel at the very last moment to ram his car into the railing.

Following a loud crash, Su Zhinian's whole body was thrown inside the car like a rag doll. Then, he saw that the front of his car had started to smoke.

Thankfully, he reacted fast enough to crash into the railing. If he had knocked into her car, this force of impact Su Zhinian, who did not have the guts to continue the speculation, had his face darkened immediately. Does she want to die? Why did she pull such a dangerous stunt on the street

Su Zhinian pulled off the seatbelt angrily, pushed open the car door, and got out. At the same time, Song Qingchun also shoved her car door open and crawled out of her car. She did not even close her car door and stalked toward him on her heels.

Su Zhinian was still caught up in the shock of the car accident. He was so mad that he felt like breaking her neck. He slammed the door heavily behind him and turned to face Song Qingchun, who was walking toward him. He opened his mouth to berate her sharply. "Song Qingchun, are you crazy? Do you know what you're doing, can you please grow up and be a responsible adult for once"

Before Su Zhinian could finish, Song Qingchun, who was half a meter away from him, tossed the bag in her hands right at his face. "Su Zhinian, shut the f*ck up! Who are you calling crazy!"

Song Qingchun's assault of the flying bag was so fast and sudden that the man only realized what was happening when the bag was almost right before his face. He moved his head aside in a hurry, and the bag flew right beside his ear. The chain of the bag cut his ear, and it throbbed with pain.

The bag landed on Su Zhinian's car with a loud bang. It was then that Su Zhinian realized that Song Qingchun had walked in front of him. His mouth had begun to form the start of another sentence when Song Qingchun raised both her hands to shove him heavily on his chest. Su Zhinian, who was once more caught by surprise, was pushed back two steps, and his back crashed into his car.

"You, you, you! You're the one that's crazy!"

Song Qingchun did not give Su Zhinian the chance to recover from the pain radiating from the back of his waist. She jumped at him, bracing her arm on his neck to press his body into the car, and raised a punch to knock at his chin without warning.

Her sudden uppercut sent Su Zhinian's head flying and knocking heavily into the hard casing of his car.