Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 796

Chapter 796: Domestic Violence (1)

Su Zhinian could see stars before his eyes and did not even have the chance to say a word before Song Qingchun pulled her knee back and aimed at his crotch.

If this really connects, it'll definitely be broken

Suppressing the pain from his head, Su Zhinian raised his hands in a hurry to block Song Qingchun. His action was construed by Song Qingchun as retaliation. It only incensed her even more. Without giving it much thought, she raised her hand to swipe harshly at Su Zhinian's head.

"Su Zhinian, how dare you counter? Yesterday, you locked me up against my will, and today, you want to hit me"

The more Song Qingchun yelled, the angrier she became. She once more tried to knee Su Zhinian. The man blocked it with his leg, and the impact caused him to groan with pain. He grabbed her flailing arms and stopped her by hugging her body tightly. Then he explained, "I'm not trying to hit you"

Song Qingchun, who had practically lost her sensibility from anger, ignored Su Zhinian completely. Locked in his binding hug, Song Qingchun bit angrily at his arm. She did not let go until she heard Su Zhinian groan. He sucked in a deep breath alongside the rest of the sentence. Due to pain, the force of his embrace around Song Qingchun weakened.

Song Qingchun pulled herself off from him. She took a step back and kicked relentlessly at his lower abdomen. Su Zhinian's brows were knitted deeply as he held his stomach with his hands, leaning against his car. Before he could do anything, Song Qingchun charged at him like a crazed wildebeest, her claws and jaws glinting maliciously.

She was so fast and relentless that if Su Zhinian retaliated or defended himself, he would hurt her, so to protect her, he could only suffer her aggression silently. She kept on attacking him until she felt completely drained. She stopped to catch her breath.

He sat down on the cold asphalt floor with his hands over his stomach. He leaned against the tire with a face grimacing with pain. His breathing was heavy and uneven.

Song Qingchun stood before him and stared down at him. There was a ball of fury burning in her eyes. She took several deep breaths while glaring at him before hissing the following through gritted teeth. "Su Zhinian, you asked me just now if I knew what I was doing and why I was asking so crazy.

"I'm telling you now, I know very well what I'm doing. From the very beginning, I knew what I was doing!

"I'm not acting crazy, especially just now. I was very determined to hurt you!

"I understand your concern, but that doesn't mean I approve of it. Therefore, Su Zhinian, I, Song Qingchun, tell you clearly and openly. Your decision, other than being together with me, will not be accepted!

"And don't think you can make me accept anything else!"

Song Qingchun's speech was not too fast nor too slow. Her tone was laced with strong determination.

She had delivered such heavy physical punishment and was scolding him openly, but Su Zhinian could feel an inexplicable warmth slowly enveloping him.