Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 797

Chapter 797: Domestic Violence (2)

"Therefore, Su Zhinian, don't think you can leave me while you suffer in the darkness of the hell alone and pass the days by overdosing on tranquilizers. Don't think you can force me away by getting married!

"I'm telling you, Su Zhinian, you're my man. The only person that can stand by your side is me, Song Qingchun. If you cannot marry me in this life, then don't you dare think about having someone else take that spot. Therefore, you'd better remove marriage from your mind"

Talking about this made Song Qingchun roll her eyes with anger. Hugging her arms before her chest, she glanced incredulously at Su Zhinian and scoffed, "Considering marriage? You must be kidding me!"

Su Zhinian, who had been listening to her quietly, peeled his eyes back softly and uttered in a clear and flat voice, "But I wasn't kidding."

"You!" Song Qingchun raised her leg to kick at Su Zhinian. Su Zhinian moaned. His lips moved, but before he could say anything, he saw Song Qingchun raise her leg again. He eventually chose to shut up facing her silent threat.

Song Qingchun put her leg down with satisfaction. Looking down on Su Zhinian, she continued her tirade. "After tonight, if I hear anything about you getting married, be prepared to suffer! But it'll be worse than tonight. I'll send you right to the hospital next time. Next offense will be hospitalization for a month, after that Don't need to think about after that anymore.

"Su Zhinian, I'm warning you, if there's a next time, I'll break your legs instantly, but don't worry, I will do my best to take care of you for the rest of your life!"

Su Zhinian's eyes were glowing with curious and blinding light. He adored this side of Song Qingchun because he could sense her concern toward him and how deep she cared about him. However, at the same time, it made his rational decision start to waver as it got ceased with uncertainty.

He could feel the blood in his veins boiling, taunting him, urging him to pull her down into hell with him, but he really could not do it, to use his hands to ruin her life

Su Zhinian lowered his head and was silent for a moment before raising his eyes to meet Song Qingchun's gaze. "Song Qingchun, you have to know that even if you don't approve of my action, it doesn't mean that you can stop me. For example, you want to be with me, but if I don't want to you can't do anything about that, right?"

The most hated thing in the world for Song Qingchun was how cavalier Su Zhinian could be when they were in the middle of an argument or when he rejected her. It made her feel so insignificant, like all she said didn't matter.

Her chest started to rise and fall unevenly due to anger. Her fists gripped tightly, and her teeth chattered with anger. "Su Zhinian, do you have to do this?"

Su Zhinian held his breath to hold the emotions that were churning in his chest. He nodded quickly before he had chance to reconsider. "Yes. You said, you will not approve of any decision I make other than being together with you, but I'm the total opposite. I can promise you anything, even death, but the only thing I cannot do is to be together with you."

"Then, die! You bastard" Song Qingchun took another step forward, looking like she was going to skin him alive.