Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 798

Chapter 798: Domestic Violence (3)

However, she only just raised her feet off the floor when she stopped like she just remembered something. When she read the diary yesterday, the first emotion that came to her heart was heartache and wistfulness. In fact, that anger originated from her heartache. She only came to this decision after plenty of contemplation.

She knew better than everyone else that their love could never be blessed by the world. She was afraid, very afraid, of others' scornful gazes, afraid that they would point and talk about her behind her back, afraid of being isolated and treated as a monster But no matter how afraid she was, she still bravely took the most difficult first step.

She had given up the whole world for Su Zhinian. Yesterday, when he went to meet Qin Yinan, she had been anxious. However, when she sat across from Qin Yinan and told him everything, she felt everything was settling into place. On the taxi back to Su Zhinian's bungalow, she had asked herself, Will I regret this?

The answer had come clearly and confidently. Never.

In the future, even if she was abandoned by the world, yes, she would be saddened and hurt, but she would never regret this decision. On the way back to his bungalow, she had kept envisioning if she told him she wanted to be with him, would he hug her happily or regret her?

Based on what she knew about him, the possibility of him rejecting her was much higher. At the time, she had even told herself, It's okay, there's still time. You can slowly convince him.

Later that night, she had opened her heart up to him, but he had locked her up in his bungalow and escaped. Then, she had switched to the method of annoying him endlessly, but no matter how hard she stuck to him, all he did was ignore her, even thinking about pushing her away by getting married.

Finally, she used physical force but he still rejected her.

She had done everything she could think of, but she had still failed to convince him. However, that was okay because she still had one last power move left. Song Qingchun looked left and right and spotted a beggar underneath one of the show windows.

Song Qingchun pulled her leg back then turned around in a wide arc. Without telling Su Zhinian what she was up to, she strode toward the beggar.

Wait, wasn't she going to kick me? Why did she just walk away so easily? Su Zhinian stared at Song Qingchun's back with a deep frown on his face. He sat up straight with confusion. He looked on as Song Qingchun walked to a beggar and squatted down beside him.

With his super-hearing, he could hear Song Qingchun ask the beggar with a giggle in her voice, "Do you think I'm pretty?"

Has she lost her mind? Why would she go ask a random stranger such a question in the middle of the night?

Even though Su Zhinian did not think that the beggar would be a bad person, he still stood up using the side of his car as support because he was concerned. He rubbed his stomach to ease the wounds before walking toward Song Qingchun and the beggar.